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Government Claim Young Are Susceptible to Indian Variant as SAGE Implement Plan to Stop Unlock

Government Advisors (SAGE) have secretly been planning a series of crisis to coincide with every lockdown easing step according to a Whitehall source. Each roadmap milestone will be accompanied by an 'unforeseen' crisis that will 'neutralise' the event. May 17th has been matched with a sudden 'crisis' over the Indian Variant, with another of its key components, young people now being vulnerable to the virus being pushed as 'experts' plant stories in the press.

Youths aged 11 to 22 are now at the centre of Covid Propaganda as the Indian Covid variant is claimed to be 'rampant' in certain towns and cities across the country. A supposed 'surge' in Bedford has been detected, according to Public Health England, with the organisation claiming that the B.1.617.2 strain now accounts for almost three-quarters of cases in the town.

So the story goes the B.1.617.2 strain now accounts for almost three-quarters of cases in the town and is spreading fastest among people aged 11 to 22, according to the latest Bedford Borough snapshot. Considering the Covid-19 virus, in ANY variant has yet to be purified by any lab on the planet, this is complete lies.

The Mail on Sunday featured the headline Youths aged 11 to 22 are at centre of Indian Covid variant surge in Bedford as locals fear another lockdown, but then gave no evidence that a) they were being especially focused on and b) that the Indian variant was any different to any other version of Covid for young people. Likewise in Bolton young people have been cajoled into having the vaccine, as they have been convinced by news stories that the Indian variant is somehow 'targeting' them, as if it is a sentient being that can actively make decisions about who it attacks.

SAGE have a real problem with young people and the pandemic. With elderly people dying naturally it is easy to attribute all their deaths to Covid, and that is pretty much what has been happening, but with young people rarely dying of illness a much more complex and convoluted story has had to be created. Which amounts to young people being supposed 'carriers' of the virus, and therefore must receive a vaccine for fear of killing granny. The logic of this begins to evaporate as soon as you stop to think about it. But that is the case for all of the pandemic once you look past the headlines.

The neutralisation plan drawn up by the government runs parallel to the official Roadmap, with only June 21st still to come which originally said to: end all restrictions, and be irreversible. Neither of these pledges will be honoured, SAGE are working overtime to ensure that this will be destroyed as they do not want to relinquish the power, wealth and control that this 'emergency' has brought them.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
May 17, 2021

Get rid of SAGE, a nest of communist, greedy vipers. Better still................shoot the group. Heads on spikes.

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