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Government Advisors Use Indian Variant As Part of Secret Plan to 'Neutralise' Unlocking

Last month we published a report from a Whitehall whistleblower who had seen plans drawn up by the UK Government to 'neutralise' it's own 'Roadmap' plan, and, as May 17th unlocking approaches, we see every aspect of it being unleashed on the British people.

The Whitehall source warned that the Government would neutralise every milestone with a series of stories involved mutant variants and concerns over vaccines; together with promotions of Vaccine Passports and further lockdowns being the solution to these crises. The whistleblower was party to detailed discussions on exactly how this new fear campaign could be implemented with key stories being planted in the media to instil fear in the Public in order to make them more susceptible to further restrictions. In one chilling comment he said that he feared the government's relationship with the truth was now not even on 'nodding terms'.

Exactly as the Whistleblower predicted, we've had the emergence of a new variant, that spreads more easily, 'could' be more dangerous, and 'may' avoid vaccines. The stories from India, particularly by the BBC who have been complicit in the Pandemic narrative, has been relentless. Incredibly, there is no third wave; surge; of more deadly variant in India. The death rate in a country of 1.4 Billion remains the same, whilst deaths from covid is actually lower per 100,000 than the UK, and that itself was hugely exaggerated. In reality, healthcare in India is always terrible, they have no national health service, and millions of Indians are too poor to access basic foodstuff let alone healthcare. This selective reporting has been done to bolster the idea that one of three new variants from India is likely to kill us all.

The BBC also obligingly ran articles that implied young people were falling ill due to this new variant (though still not dying as it's harder to fake death figures than infections) and, surprise, surprise, one of the three Indian "variants of concern" 'may' be vaccine resistant.

Boris Johnson today said the COVID-19 variant "has been spreading" and the UK wants to "grip it". adding "We want to make sure that we take all the prudential, all the cautious steps now that we could take. So there are meetings going on today to consider exactly what we need to do."

New figures from Public Health England are expected to show a big rises in cases of the variant, with the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) holding a meeting on Thursday to discuss its spread. Again, this is all misdirection, as the plans seen by the source in Whitehall had already decided that this new scare story would be run in the week prior to the May 17th Milestone.

Every milestone has a crisis already prepared, designed to 'neutralise' it. Regardless of what the 'official' line is, we are being softened up for more lockdowns, (tier system during summer months and full lockdowns next winter) mask-wearing to continue until 2023, and the implementation of Vaccine Passports which will be the 'lead story' on the run-up to the June 21st Milestone.

We will never get our freedoms back this way, we will have to take it back. After all, it was ours in the first place and they stole it from us.

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