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Free Speech is Under Attack, Toby Young Fights Back

This week writer, journalist and hate-figure for the left, Toby Young, launched the Free Speech Union in an effort to push back against the tide of 'cancel culture'.

The union has been set up by Young in response to police investigations into a string of ‘non-crime hate incidents’ and the cancel-culture that often targets anyone who says anything deemed unsavoury by the puritanical left.

There is a war on free speech going on right now. Police investigate and arrest people for making offensive comments online, speakers are shut down on University campuses for the 'wrong' opinions, and outraged Twittermobs agitate to have people sacked from their jobs. Censorship is now applied to any speech not left-wing. Social Media companies are all far-left, the public-sector is dominated by identitarians and Universities appear to be indoctrinating the young with Marxist ideologies again.

Young's new organisation does not come a moment too soon. Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, young said the union would be a ‘non-partisan, mass-membership organisation’ and will ‘stand up for the rights of its members to tell the truth in all circumstances’. He went on to say: ‘If someone at work writes to your boss to complain about something you’ve said, we’ll write to them, too, and explain the importance of intellectual tolerance and viewpoint diversity.

‘If self-righteous social-media bullies pick on you, we’ll return the fire. If someone launches an online petition calling for you to be sacked, we’ll launch a counter-petition. The enemies of free speech hunt in packs; its defenders must band together too.’

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