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Forced 'Medical Procedures' on All Healthy People, Including Children, Coming in 2022

Josef Mengele would have been proud.

The UK government, in conjunction with the EU, are planning to force ALL people to undergo medical procedures before they are allowed to participate in society again it has emerged.

This is a natural progression of rules already imposed on British citizens; including quarantining all healthy people (the first time in history), mandatory wearing of medical apparatus for healthy people (ie face masks) and soon the ‘compulsory’ taking of an experimental drug in the form of a ‘vaccine’ before subjects will be allowed to 'participate in society' again. Your freedom has been taken away and soon you will have to accept a totally unproven drug before it will be returned to you.

Not just once either, the government are now suggesting that the vaccine will need to be taken every year, and that the 'passport' will automatically expire forcing the user to receive another jab to gain 12 months more freedom. As we reported back last year, vaccine ‘passports’ will be required for ALL international travel from 2021. Dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theory’ at the time, the EU has announced it is to implement them, with the UK to follow suit shortly after. Without an up-to-date vaccine certificate Brits will not be allowed to go abroad on holiday, effectively forcing millions to have the vaccine against their better judgement.

The UK government are also planning for the hospitality and leisure industries to police this law by demanding people produce vaccine certificates before they are allowed into pubs and restaurants. Fines of up to £50,000 for every breach of these rules could be levied to force companies to comply. Pubs will not only have to ask for ID at the door, but will also demand an up-to-date Covid Vaccine certificate in future.

Freedom campaigners have raised their opposition to this calling it a ‘health apartheid’. Putting the onus on travel and leisure industries to enforce these rules has also angered many who point out that they would be forced to do the government’s 'dirty work'.

UK vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi said he expects bars, cinemas, restaurants and sports stadiums to all demand proof of vaccination against COVID-19 before allowing customers to enter their venues. boasting "It Will Become Virtually Impossible To Do Anything If You Don’t Have The Vaccine"

But the forcing of people to accept a hurriedly manufactured vaccine that spectacularly failed all its animal trials, has questionable efficacy and an entirely unknown long-term effect will not end there, Whitehall is pushing to make it compulsory for ALL school children to have the vaccine as a condition of school entry, even though they are not at risk from the virus.

Today it's unproven vaccines you'll be forced to have, tomorrow.. who knows.

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