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Facebook Now Demands Driving Licence, Bank Details, or Medical Records as Proof of ID

Social media giant now demand proof of ID, but claims authoritarian measures are to ‘keep people safe’.

If you decide to start a new page on Facebook you will now be met with a demand for photo ID, before they will let you continue. And don’t think that your library card or bus pass is sufficient for these social media fascists, they demand a Government ID such as a driving licence; bank statement; Passport; Birth Certificate or Medical Record.

Yes really.

Facebook claims that this new policy, slipped in during April when we were distracted by Covid, is to ‘protect users from fake news’. If the page is ‘regularly shared or “goes viral” then the owner of that page will be expected to provide proof of ID to 'stop the spread of fake news and misinformation.'

But it gets worse, existing pages get flagged for verification if you share lots of 'popular' things from outside facebook. Become popular on facebook and, without warning your account will be suspended until such times you provide them with Photo ID. You now have to provide the same level of proof for having a popular facebook page as you do for opening a bank account.

The idea that you should give them ANY personal details, least of all your bank statement or medical records, is truly demented. Nobody believes that this is to protect us from misinformation, fake news, fraud, or hurty words. To begin with Facebook call anything they don’t agree with ‘fake news’, no debate is allowed about the pandemic, anything pro Trump is banned and even a biological fact like there are only two genders will be flagged as hate speech. Trying to sell this as something for your safety is a joke. particularly when facebook themselves have either been careless with our personal data (50 million records may have been hacked from their servers in 2018 alone) and if they are not losing our personal information they are illegally selling it to anyone with the cash.

To try selling this idea as them being the good guys by helping us all to 'stay safe' online does not stand up to scrutiny.

And it is not even that having to put your name to a 'controversial' statement like “there are only two genders” will deter some and enable the mob to attack others. The policy, whether intended or not, is a licence for facebook trolls to further abuse those they don’t agree with and more than likely chase them to other sites who are also implementing the same types of policy. That, in Facebook's eyes, is just an 'added bonus'.

The real intent of government IDs being demanded is nothing to do with 'safety' or preventing fake news, the real intent is it to help implement the Great Reset.

Point 7 of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset plan is:

Give Every Citizen a Digital Identity.

The World Economic Forum's plan is to destroy capitalism and build back a neo-Marxist super-state, with a Citizen Digital Identity at its very core. on their website they spin the idea as something, warm, friendly, convenient and beneficial: One digital identity that you use everywhere, and for everything. They explain that these digital identities will do everything, from helping to fix climate change, improving your health and solving crime. Of course, they do not explain how any of that is possible, mainly because it isn't.

A look at their website and you will be more confused about why you'd need one than you were before:

Human-centric digital identities: an enabler to rebuild economy and trust

Human-centric, digital identity lets people know who they are dealing with without revealing more than the strictly necessary information. Digital identities give the user control of their data – they provide clear audit trails and streamline how businesses and governments allow people to register and access their services and trade. It has great potential for online education, issuing employment credentials, fighting fraud or proving one’s health status. Digital identity was often confined to the technology community or banking’s Know Your Customer checks and to combat money laundering.

With our digital footprint extending into all walks of life, digital identification is becoming a global topic. A healthy digital identity network widens civic participation and supports societal advancement, a case in point would be the Estonian digital identity approach, which allows the nation’s public and private sector e-service information systems to link up and function in harmony.

What is the World Economic Forum doing about digital identity? In an era of unprecedented data and ubiquitous intelligence, it is essential that organizations reimagine how they manage personal data and digital identities. By empowering individuals and offering them ways to control their own data, user-centric digital identities enable trusted physical and digital interactions – from government services or e-payments to health credentials, safe mobility or employment.

Zuckerberg is both a supporter of the World Economic Forum’s plan and a contributor to it.

Facebook have been very vocal about their plan to control the internet. They claim the internet is currently like the 'wild west' and it needs regulation to control who does what on it. This happens to be exactly the same thing that the World Economic Forum are saying. In the plan you will have one ID that serves you for everything, your social interaction, work, shopping, banking all linked to this one 'official' profile with your name front and centre.

Effectively this is how China's Social Credit Score works. Time to delete the app?

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Jul 26, 2021


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