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Extinction Rebellion Poster Shows Glee at Pandemic

Demented environmentalists Extinction Rebellion are at it again. This time, bill-posting a message that reads “Corona is the cure. Humans are the disease!”

They went on to twitter to further their message saying:

“Earth is healing. The air and water is clearing,” tweeted Extinction Rebellion East Midlands.

The post shows stickers with the same message and the Extinction Rebellion logo plastered on lamp posts.

While Extinction Rebellion East Midlands may only represent the ravings of one twat, the notion that humanity somehow deserved Coronavirus, has been widely shared by environmentalists and celebrities.

We had been wondering when and how Climate Change loonies would hijack the Coronavirus outbreak for cheap publicity and claim that, it too, was a sign of climate change and we didn't have to wait long. Following testing positive for the virus, Idris Elba claimed in a tweet that COVID-19 was the planet “reacting to the human race” as revenge for climate change.

Most viruses are more potent when it's cold, and don't survive in hotter weather, something most Climate Change merchants don't want to admit, as it doesn't fit the narrative.

Darren Birks for Vision News 2020

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