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Evidence of US Electoral Fraud All Over Social Media But MSM Continue With 'Orange Man Mad' Lie

Darren Birks is the Editor of Vision News Online

As smug self righteous anchormen and women across the US and UK have continued to show their Trump Derangement Syndrome the real story has failed to be covered. So bent out of shape by their hatred for Trump, none of the useless hacks have even entertained the idea that, perhaps, there may actually be electoral fraud happening right under their noses. "There is no evidence" claim the CNN, ABC, BBC and others, but if you don't go and look for it, you know, like journalists are supposed to do, then there won't be, will there? And of course they haven't gone out and looked for it, challenged the narrative, or seeked answers to, what may well be the biggest story in US election history, because they're bigoted metropolitan elites, part of the very establishment that Trump has battled against. In fact, many, including Trump himself, have suggested that the mainstream media are part of the globalist mechana who see him as probably the biggest threat to their plans.

Social media giants too have also been busily suppressing the evidence, censoring the President's Tweets and deleting videos showing electoral fraud. There are a few videos that have been published multiple times that haven't, as yet, been erased, but it is likely that, once the tech-giants find these videos they will remove them (with the inevitable false claims about the videos breaking some internal rule or other (that they've just made up.)

The first video shows a woman clearly marking ballot papers, actually during the count itself. Facebook post a warning on this video claiming their 'fact-checker' has 'debunked' it. however, as we previously reported at Vision News, Facebook's lead fact-checker thinks that Donald Trump is "an actual Nazi, living in the White House".

This video features a Democrat supporter working at one of the counting stations who has spoken out against the fraud, saying: "this is a coup"


This video is probably the most damning of all, it shows Trump's own lawyers being refused the right to witness what is occurring with the counting, even though the lawyers have a COURT ORDER giving them permission to do just that. unbelievable!

The truth IS out there, but it is being erased fast.

Facebook's 'fact' checker is just another demented Trump hater.

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