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FACT: Twitter 'Fact Checker' Thinks There Are "ACTUAL NAZIS" Living in the White House

It’s been known for years that Twitter is a cesspit inhabited by nasty little left-wing keyboard warriors whose faux outrage at anything not ‘progressive’ is a substitute for getting a personality. But now the platform itself is actively attacking the President of the United States we can only hope the digital toilet’s days are numbered.

Twitter, (and Facebook), now operate a ‘fact checking’ process on all tweets or posts about current news topics. This, so they claim, is to ‘stop the spread of misinformation’. The reality is nothing of the sort. The reality is this is a clever mechanism to push their narrative, their agenda, THEIR “truth”. Say that Transgender women aren’t really women? = Lifetime ban; Have data that proves global warming is not man-made? = Content blocked; Suggest that the lockdown was a mistake = all trace of you removed.

The ‘fact checkers’ themselves have been exposed as just more left-wing activists labelling anything they don’t agree with as ‘fake’ or ‘misinformation’. Summit News reports that Twitter’s head of ‘Site Integrity’ thinks everyone who voted for Trump is racist and that there are “actual Nazis in the White House.”

And has previously revealed that Facebook's head of ‘content oversight’, who will decide what information is censored by the social media giant, is Pamela Karlan, a Trump-hating leftist, and also includes a pro-Muslim Brotherhood activist on the same panel.

We have seen these platforms label, bury or just plain delete anything that they don’t agree with. But this ‘arms length’ censorship gives this nasty little deception an air of credibility it doesn’t deserve. Facebook has repeatedly denied they are publishers, claiming they are a 'utility provider' like electricity or water companies. But, to my knowledge, no electricity company refuses someone their product if they have different political views. Twitter too have played a similar game, as this suits them in the form of international tax laws, and also means they can’t be held responsible for anything that is said on their platform. But, if they are just utilities who only provide the technology, then why are they editing the content? You can’t have it both ways, either you’re a utility company along with water, gas, electricity and phone, OR you’re a publisher who controls what you see.

The truth is, that Twitter and Facebook are so large and so powerful that they believe they can bully Donald Trump. That is a mistake (actually that is deluded) and could well cost them dear. That they should even attempt to hobble Donald Trump proves that they are too big, too powerful and too influential. Companies in other sectors, when they get to the stage of a monopoly are either Co-oped by governments (if communist) or dismantled (if capitalist). This move by twitter also shits all over the First Amendment, something many American people will not accept under any circumstances.

Since Trump's Tweet was censored he has suggested that he could shut the social media giant down and we sincerely hope he does. They have just made a very powerful and very determined enemy, something they may well live to regret.

Go for it Donald, get the bastards.

Darren Birks is the Editor of Vision News online.

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