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EU Ramps-Up Mass Surveillance Plans With Demands for All Holidaymakers Biometric Data

Plans are a COPY-and-PASTE from the World Economic Forum's Great Reset.

As of May 2023, the EU will start demanding all holidaymakers’ provide biometric data at its borders. Once you have provided these data, facial recognition software will be able to track you, in real time, in thousands of towns and cities across the continent.

The European Union has created what it calls 'Smart Borders' that will require everyone entering the Union to provide fingerprints and facial scans for the new system. The data will be stored centrally for a continent-wide system that will retain your data indefinitely.

This huge data-grab has been justified by claims they're improving detection of dangerous travellers, finding vulnerable people, and reducing fraud, but comes at the cost of everyone's liberty, forever. The border plans have been rightly described by civil groups as “disproportionate and unnecessary”, while the Port of Dover’s boss has warned of “significant and continued disruption for a very long time to come”.

All travellers aged over 12 will need to be biometrically logged before being allowed to enter the EU. Bad enough, but this is merely the start of what is to come. Billions of data bits are being loaded into the system including online photographs, palm prints, DNA records and facial biometrics to which controversial recognition algorithms can be applied.

The plan is a 'copy and paste' from the World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset' which pushes the idea that everyone must have a digital identity to make 'e-government' easier. In simple terms having a digital I.D. linked to your face, dna, fingerprints, online habits, and bank accounts means technocrats will have total power and control over your life.

Something even George Orwell couldn't have envisaged.


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