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Enough is Enough. Time to Pick a Side Says Laurence Fox

With Freedom Day officially being 'delayed' a month, #EnoughisEnough is now trending on Twitter as millions of Brits reach breaking point.

Boris Johnson yesterday announced a four week 'extension' to the restrictions, meaning that Brits had more freedom in July 2020 compared to now despite the vast majority of “vulnerable” people having received the vaccine. In a press briefing Johnson, Whitty and Vallance announced that freedom day was off, but gave no credible reason for it. The 'Science' was the same lies, and fake data that they had used to impose all the other extensions, whilst vaccines became both the root out of lockdown and also not able to stop people dying at the same time.

The same advisers who admitted using “mind control” and “totalitarian” fear tactics to terrify the British public into compliance are still fear-mongering about the Indian variant of the virus in a bid to prolong restrictions. Susan Michie, the devout Communist and architect of the deceptions heads the SPi-B sub group of behavioural scientists, a group that is larger than the SPi-M group, telling you all you need to know about SAGE, has worked overtime creating the plan to take us into next winter.

But Michie and her bunch of psychotic colleagues are not as clever as they think they are. Not even close. Thousands of people can see that by delaying the lifting of lockdown until September, a “third wave” of COVID will then be pushed into autumn/winter, meaning the narrative that the NHS will be “overwhelmed” can be trotted out once again. Then it becomes “just one more lockdown to save Christmas” (the same thing Brits were told last Christmas) and around we go over and over again.

Thousands protested outside Downing Street at the news. and millions more are set to march on parliament again this weekend as the British people are beyond breaking point.

Huge crowds gathered outside Downing Street shouting "shame on you, shame on you" frustrated at the continuation of lockdown. Johnson's decision to extend the lockdown has effectively sound the death knell for thousands of businesses in the hospitality Industry and small to medium sector, particularly as the furlough scheme is being wound-down, putting millions out of work as companies decide that they are no longer viable.

One protestor said "This is what the Government fear, millions of people standing up and saying NO!, Enough's Enough, we're not taking your lies any more"

Actor and activist Laurence Fox who attended the protest warned that the demonstration was minor compared with what was being lined up for June 26. Saying: “This is the small one Boris. Still pretty big though ... you have no reason to lock us down.” The freedom campaigner and leader of the Reclaim Party also said the protesters were “normal people wanting their lives back.” a critical point as the mainstream media always portray anti-lockdown protestors as conspiracy theorists and fringe extremists.

He tweeted during the protest: “To everyone who has followed every rule, worn the masks, home schooled their kids, lost their businesses, been responsible in every way to help us all get out of this mess, who found today’s announcement to be a massive kick in the teeth. Come and be heard on the 26th in London.”

Speaking directly to those still supporting lockdowns Fox then tweeted:

"Time to pick a side. Not in the cultural war, in the actual one"

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Jun 15, 2021

We didn't vote for COMMUNIST scientists to run the country. Boris and MPs should do their job. Isn't that the reason they were elected?

What are these LIES all about. WHAT EXACTLY IS BEING PLANNED ??

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