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Dutch Police Fire on Their Own Citizens as Dissenters Become Enemies of the State

Unbelievable scenes in Rotterdam on Friday saw Lockdown Protesters being fired-upon by Dutch Police for the crime of wanting freedom.

Shockingly police were firing on their own citizens whose ‘crime’ was that they opposed the totalitarian government for imposing a medical apartheid. Thousands of Dutch took to the streets to protest the new law making unvaccinated people second-class citizens excluded from society and under permanent lockdown until they comply with the rules.

Dutch Police said in a tweet that “there are injuries in connection with the shots” but failed to give any justification for turning their weapons on fellow citizens.

Riot police used a water cannon in an attempt to drive hundreds of protesters from a central street in the port city whilst giving instructions via megaphone for the protestors to disperse. When the protestors failed to comply officers opened fire.

It has emerged that contrary to what the mainstream media have reported, the shots were not 'warning shots, aimed over the crowd' they were aimed directly at the crowd, critically injuring two protestors. Rotterdam's Mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, claimed “on a number of occasions the police felt it necessary to draw their weapons to defend themselves” Police are reported to have arrested dozens of people and are expected to arrest more after studying video footage from security cameras.

The Dutch Justice Minister, Ferd Grapperhaus, condemned the events saying “The riots and extreme violence against police officers, riot police and firefighters last night in Rotterdam are disgusting to see.” Grapperhaus suggested that these were the 'wrong kind of protest' adding “Protesting is a great right in our society, but what we saw last night is simply criminal behaviour. It has nothing to do with demonstrating.”

Freedom campaigners have been warning for 18 months that Governments around the world were preparing to turn on their own people if they dared show dissent. Authorities across the world have been making any opposition to diktats almost impossible. Banning gatherings, making freed speech a criminal offence, putting entire populations under house arrest, and imposing compulsory medical procedures on healthy people.

In less that two years we have gone from 'wash your hands' regularly to citizens being shot in the street for opposing tyrannical governments.

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