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Dutch Police Attack Vaccine Passport Protesters in 'Crackdown' on Political Opponents

Thousands of protesters packed Amsterdam’s streets today in opposition to the country’s draconian lockdown restrictions and mandatory vaccine passports. The protesters were brutally attacked by police who dished out Brown Shirt style beatings most likely orders from above.

Riot police with batons and shields repeatedly charged at the crowd striking at random any group that did not disperse when ordered. A number of people were injured several needing hospitalisation following the attacks.

The Dutch Government have banned Public gatherings of more than two people under restrictions they claim was in an effort to prevent the Omicron variant, a 'variant' that they know is the common cold.

Police deployed 'snatch squads' to arrest some 30 people who authorities deemed 'ringleaders'. Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema had issued an emergency ordinance, empowering police to clear the central Museum Square, after the protesters defied a ban on public gatherings.

The Netherlands went into a sudden lockdown on Dec. 19, with the government ordering the closure of all but essential stores, as well as restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, museums and other public places until at least Jan. 14th. This was said to be in 'response' to the Omicron Variant which was known to be just a mild cold at least a week before the measures were implemented.

Protests appear to be larger every day as more and more Dutch citizens realise that authorities are stripping them of their freedoms under the pretence of saving them from a deadly pathogen.

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Jan 18, 2022

The draconian measures being deployed throughout mainly western countries in the name of caring for people's health are revealing an ever clearer picture just how corporate globalists have no one's best interests at heart except their own.

The so called " pandemic ? " is fast being exposed as Phase 1 in obedience training, from months long house arrest to paper face coverings supposedly able to stop a deadly pathogen. Guantanamo bay military prison also used masks on prisoners 24/7 as a show of dominance and forced compliance.

It has clearly provided an excellent planned opportunity for global banks to enslave the next three generations in trillions of national dept, with the borrowed fake money being spent on big pharmaceutical's…

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