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DUTCH Farmers Say NO to the GREAT RESET with Freedom Convoy

Farmers revolt as Netherlands Government impose the WEF agenda.

Huge protests have right across the Netherlands have been triggered by the introduction of 'green' laws that are claimed to cut nitrogen and ammonia emissions by up to 95 per cent in certain areas, from its agricultural sector.

Inspired by the “freedom convoys” which began in Canada and saw truck drivers bring major roads to a standstill in protest at Covid vaccine mandates, tractors are blockading supermarkets and industrial complexes right across the Netherlands, at a cost of tens of millions of euros to businesses and the economy. The demonstrations, some of which have turned violent, materialise with little notice and are organised via secretive channels on the Telegram messaging app.

A Great Reset Puppet.

The new laws are the latest by the WEF-obsessed Prime Minister , who is one of Klaus Schwab's embedded puppets, and will cripple the farming industry driving many out of business, and causing food shortages across the nation. The protests are just the latest across the world as the Great Reset agenda is implemented.

Watch: Netherlands PM Exposed for Lying About Praising Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset Takeover Plan

Recent polling showed the Farmer-Citizen Movement, formed three years ago in response to the climate laws, would secure 11 parliamentary seats if a general election was to be held now. Dutch fishermen have also joined the protests, blockading ports and effectively bringing the country to a halt.

Police quickly turned violent.

Authorities quickly turned violent to try crushing the protests. Police opened fire on Jouke Hospes, a 16-year-old whose 'crime' was driving one of his father’s tractors in at a demonstration in the Friesland region. Dutch authorities have become increasingly totalitarian, readily becoming violet against any protests against the left wing Government.

When citizens protested about lockdowns police charged at the crowd with riot batons, striking at random any group that did not disperse. A number of people were injured several needing hospitalisation following the attacks.

In Eerbeek, farmers blockading an industrial estate, accused Prime Minister Rutte of going into hiding and refusing to negotiate with them. “Where is our prime minister? This country is on fire and the farmers are standing up to the government,” one of the protesters said, adding: “Their rules and regulations seem not to be political. The rules and regulations are ‘scientific’, and you can’t stand up against that,” “We say make the rules and regulations in this country political again, have a discussion and make it a choice.”

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Marie Austin
Marie Austin
11 juil. 2022

Greetings Vision: The World Population did not produce Starvation: Starvation is produce by Land Exploitation. This Exploitation. is Results of Governments, Businesses , And Individuals that control Vast Amounts of Land which Contribute to A Shortage of Individual Ownership. Soil Erosion Is not producing Starvation: Soil Erosion isn’t an Earth Cycle: Every 24,000 Years we have An Equinox: Thanking You: Princess 🌹 Rose:

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