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Doctor Who Refused to Take Part in the Covid Fraud 'Made an Example of' by Authorities

Dr Anne McCloskey is now in prison for refusing to backdown in her critique of the Govt's covid fraud. Long outspoken the Doctor published her damning analysis as part of the Freedom Alliance and soon after came under attack from both the Government, and other bad actors, as well as from what was reportedly an organised campaign to silence her.

Dr McCloskey, exposing the Covid Fraud in 2021, a speech that brought her to the attention of both the Government and bad actors.

Despite threats to her life, authorities revoking her licence, and those bad actors attempting to have her cancelled, the Doctor has remained unwavering. However, authorities have finally got her, sending her to prison for breaking lockdown rules and refusing to pay the fine.

Dr Anne McCloskey is a 67 year old Grandmother. She appeared at Londonderry Magistrates' Court in connection with an unpaid Covid fine of £255.

She was given an immediate warrant to pay the amount or go to prison for 14 days. She refused to pay on a point of principle. The fine was imposed in 2022 for a 'breach of Covid regulations'. The NI Court Service confirmed Dr McCloskey had been sent to Hydebank Wood Prison.

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