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Covid Vaccine Stickers Allow Gullible Twats to be Avoided by Savvy Daters

Editor Darren Birks

Covid Status Stickers could pave the way for STD stickers.

In a move that has monumentally backfired for the Government and Silicon Valley, savvy people on Tinder and Bumble are using the new covid vaccine stickers to avoid the thick and gullible.

The Stickers, which tech companies have added at the request of governments around the world were thought to encourage young people to get vaccinated but thousands of users report using the sticker to more easily identify people that they'd want to avoid.

Online daters will be able to choose to display a badge on their profiles to show they have been vaccinated against Covid or support the jab drive, similar to the annoying 'i've had my vaccine' frame displayed on facebook. The BBC, ever wrong on anything, suggest that some unscrupulous people might add the sticker but not really had the jab, you know, because men will lie to get in a woman's knickers (paraphrasing) after all. But savvy users on the dating app have reported that it is a perfect way to avoid tedious and gullible people as they are invariably the sort who would be enthusiastic about an unproven medical procedure that they don't need.

Kyle Martin who uses Tinder regularly told Vision News "i love the new sticker, it saves me so much time, If i see someone with it I immediately swipe left, they're usually skanks anyway"

Tinder, Match, Hinge, Bumble, Badoo, Plenty of Fish, OurTime and Muzmatch have all signed up to the scheme, in partnership with the UK government. The idea of vaccine badges on dating apps was launched in the US in May. This is, of course, not the first joint venture Government's and Tech giants have done. Social Media companies have obligingly blocked any content that questions the pandemic, and now they are helping to implement a Health Apartheid by the back door.

Some of the apps are going even further, adding additional incentives for those who say they are vaccinated - such as free credits or access to premium features that usually cost extra, like profile boosts, virtual rose giving and "super likes", whilst some governments are offering the chance to participate in a lottery if the jab is taken (the fact that it's a feckin' lottery taking it anyway isn't enough for these tools), Perhaps if you've had an experimental medical procedure for the chance to win something you need to have a serious word with yourself.

Bumble will also enable its members to share pandemic dating preferences such as views on social distancing, mask-wearing and whether users are comfortable meeting in crowded places.

Yes really.

But for those who don't want to date someone without knowing their medical history, the UK Government are selling your data to third party companies for huge profits, paving the way for possible STD status stickers on dating apps. Yeah, not fucking smiling now are you?

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