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COVID Police Crash 10-Year-Old Girl’s Birthday Party After Neighbours Snitch on Family

Leanne Macdonald Image

Mother placed on watchlist after being grassed up. This is the world we live in now.

Police in Scotland turned up at a 10-year-old girl’s birthday party after a neighbour snitched on her family for not following coronavirus rules.

Mum Leanne Macdonald said she deliberately spaced out visits by relatives so as not to violate Scotland’s strict COVID-19 regulations, but this didn’t stop her neighbours from snitching on her. Two uniformed police officers entering the home in response to the snitch to warn her she was now on “alert” and would face charges and fines if she broke the rules again.

“I could not believe it. They came to the door and told me I had been reported for having people in my house,” she told the Daily Record. “So the police can come in my house, but my family can’t?” Macdonald then asked.

Leanne Macdonald image

She apologised for the infraction, pleading that her relatives “were not all inside and they weren’t all here at the same time and we all kept a social distance.”

COVID marshals are now being employed by council's up and down the country, patrolling the streets, peering through letterboxes (yes, really) and windows to ensure everyone is observing the rules whilst students at universities who have been placed under de facto house arrest were also threatened with police action after they posted anti-lockdown signs in their windows.

Welcome to the new normal.

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