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Covid Fraud: ONS shows Just 17,371 People Died of Covid-19 in Past 2 Years not the 150,000 Claimed

There's far more than just Downing Street Parties proving there was no killer plague on the loose.

For two years the people of the UK have been repeatedly ordered to stay at home, wear masks, and get vaccinated in order to protect the NHS and save lives. Lockdown after lockdown, restriction after restriction, and the entire thing was a lie.

Millions of lives have been put on hold, millions of others have been ruined. Millions of jobs have been lost, thousands of businesses are now closed forever. But a huge majority of the British people think it has all been worth it, and absolutely necessary due to the fear propaganda that has played on a 24/7 loop on their television screens, and headlined every newspaper over the past two years.

Because the British public have been led to believe that over one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand people have died of Covid-19, and they’ve been told that number would have been much higher if they had not complied with the destruction of the economy and decimation of their lives. But now we can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that the 150k number is an outright lie thanks to a recent response to a Freedom of Information Request made to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), in which the ONS confirms that just 17,371 people have died of Covid-19 over the past two years.

The Government, aided by the Media have nightly told us the lie, counting 1 in every 4 deaths as a 'Covid' death when the virus was entirely incidental to the patient's demise. These were heart attacks, cancers, dementia, road accidents and any other type of normal death, with the con only needing a positive covid test to be completed in the months running up to the person's death to be counted in the Covid statistics.

But all of these institutions are lying to you, because the Office for National Statistics have confirmed in a response to a Freedom of Information request that as of the end of quarter 3 in 2021 just 17,371 people had actually died of Covid-19.

Meaning less people have lost their lives due to Covid-19 in nearly two years than the average of around 30,000 people who lose their lives during a single bad flu year in the UK.

The Lies

The Truth

As you can clearly see these numbers add up to nowhere near the 150,000 Covid-19 deaths claimed by the UK Government and mainstream media, and if we add up the total number of deaths by the end of quarter 3 in 2021 we can see that the Covid-19 vaccines haven’t really had very much effect in reducing the number of deaths.

According to the ONS there were 9,400 Covid-19 deaths between March 1st and December 31st 2020. The firs Covid-19 vaccine was administered on December 8th 2020 and the elderly and most vulnerable to Covid-19 were prioritised first. So it’s strange to find that during the first three quarters of 2021 there were a further 7,971 Covid-19 deaths when the Covid-19 vaccines are allegedly 95% at reducing the risk of death due to Covid-19.

Falsely Claimed totals

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17. Jan. 2022

For what would now appear to be obvious and has never been mentioned anywhere in the media as it completely destroys the official narrative are the,

UK Health Security Agency's weekly NOIDS reports.

Notifications Of Infectious Diseases.

Week 2021 / 52

Week ending 02/01/2022


Barnsley 1

Chorley 13

County Durham 1

Leeds 1

South Ribble 2

Total 18

You can look at every week throughout the whole covid period so far and it in no way matches the figures presented by the media.

We have been lied to from the start and these figures expose how this has been about Obedience training and Banks and Big Pharma making trillions and billions.

The question remains, what's next…

Gefällt mir
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