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Covid Fraud: NO Excess Deaths in 2020 British Medical Journal Reports


Virus was incidental in over 90% of reported 'Covid' deaths.

Whilst much of the British public believe that the 73,000 'Covid' deaths touted in 2020 were above that of an average year, the truth is that deaths weren't any higher than normal.

Economist John Appleby writing in the BMJ has shown that every year prior to 2009 was more deadly than 2020 in England and Wales once the size and age of the population is taken into account.

In simple terms, as can be seen from the graph, there was nothing special about 2020 death rates. That is an undeniable fact. 2020 deaths were slightly up on the previous five years, but they were considerably milder than the preceding decade not the other way around. Every year prior to 2007 was more deadly than 2020.

Given that this is a fact, what were the 73,000 Covid deaths in 2020 if not from the 'deadly' virus?

In 2020 the Government were counting 1 in every 4 deaths as a 'Covid' death when the virus was entirely incidental to the patient's demise in over 90% of cases. These were heart attacks, cancers, dementia, road accidents and any other type of 'normal' death, with the con only needing a positive covid test in the months prior to the person's death to be counted in the Covid statistics, it really is that simple.

A freedom of information request to the ONS revealed that in 2020, the height of a supposed killer plague just 9400 people actually died FROM Covid. The rest all had at least one comorbidity, with the majority having two or more. These were cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and any number of other serious illnesses. Covid was incidental to their death. Thousands of those that were counted as dying from Covid were 'Asymptomatic', meaning that they were entirely free of any symptoms, often only diagnosed with Covid when they entered hospital for an unrelated illness.

This means less people have lost their lives due to Covid-19 in nearly two years than the average of around 30,000 people who lose their lives during a single bad flu year in the UK.

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