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COVID-19 Being Used to Usher in 'Evil' Great Reset Warns US Cardinal

A top ranking US Catholic Cardinal has warned that the COVID-19 pandemic is being exploited by proponents of “The Great Reset” to “advance their evil agenda.”

Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the most powerful Catholics in the United States, used the pulpit to warn his congregation about the dangerous “secular forces” who want to “make us slaves to their godless and murderous agenda.”

He goes on to say "the crisis threatens our very future as being free and democratic" and pulls no punches when naming the 'evil doers' saying that "the worldwide spread of Marxist materialism, which has already brought death and destruction to the lives of so many, and which has threatened the foundations of our nation for decades, and now seems to have seized the governing power over our nation."

In the most chilling moment he says how the Pandemic has been "used by certain forces, to advance their evil agenda"

Burke, who sits on the Church’s Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, the highest judicial authority in the Catholic Church, is not the first prominent figure in the Catholic Church to warn about the dark objectives behind the Great Reset. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote an open letter to President Trump claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic is part of a plot to impose a “health dictatorship.”

“We see heads of nations and religious leaders pandering to this suicide of Western culture and its Christian soul, while the fundamental rights of citizens and believers are denied in the name of a health emergency that is revealing itself more and more fully as instrumental to the establishment of an inhuman faceless tyranny,” Viganò wrote.

Of course, the Pinko media has dismissed any mention of The Great Reset as a conspiracy theory, even though the World Economic Forum has published their manifesto to accompany the book of the same name by Marxist megalomaniac Karl Schwab. And even though many world leaders are repeating the mantras and slogans of the Great Reset, and even though the first steps of the plan are ALREADY being implemented at this very moment, still the media liken it to the flat earth theory.

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