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Coronavirus: Mutated Virus From Mink May Render Vaccine Useless Say Scientists

Whilst Pfizer/BioNTech’s announce they had created a vaccine that, they claim, is "90% effective" against Covid-19, other scientists have warned that a "unique variant" of the virus has been found coming from infected minks. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) more than 200 people have been infected with the mink-based strain in Denmark since June, raising questions about why they would wait until now to announce its existence?

The WHO said tests had shown that 12 infected people had a "unique variant" of the virus and had shown "moderately decreased sensitivity" to antibodies, meaning that any vaccine produced could be 'ineffective' against the mutated strain.

Hans Kolmos, a professor of clinical microbiology at the University of Southern Denmark, told Sky News it was "quite a volatile situation", adding "We are concerned and that's why we have implemented some quite drastic precautions - that is taking out all the industrial mink herds and killing the animals because we cannot control the transmission,"

This new mutated variant has 'already infected a wider age-span' according to the World Health Organisation, and has the potential to leap to other species, including domestic pets.

A more deadly, mutated strain, (likely to be called: Covid-21) has been predicted throughout this pandemic. We have repeatedly been told that a second-wave would be from a more deadly strain than the first, and that would render the current vaccines useless which would force us all back under Martial law. However, the announcement of these two things, within 48 hours of each other, may merely be a coincidence.

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