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Co2 Wasn't the Cause of July's Hot Weather Met Office Data Reveals

The BBC blamed you for the hot weather, but you were not the culprit.

July's two days of hot weather in Britain was billed as another sign of climate change. This, the climate change grifters assured us was global warming in action. These 'events' would become more frequent and severe if we didn't stop burning fossil fuels. The BBC went further, linking arson events that happen every year during summer holidays, as also being global warming, implying that it wasn't just bored teens with matches but that fields and houses were spontaneously combusting due to the heat.

It was, the BBC implied, all caused by you. Because you've insisted on driving your car, heating your home and eating meat you have caused the planet to become unbearably hot, you selfish git. Over the two days of high temperatures the BBC continually linked the hot weather in summer with your burning of fossil fuels. We have heard this so often that we can recite the 'science' with our eyes closed. The burning of fossil fuels creates Co2 that is trapped in the atmosphere, causing the Ozone layer to act like a greenhouse, trapping the sun's rays and heating the planet. But that wasn't the reason for the two days of hot weather, which the Met Office inadvertently revealed on Twitter going unnoticed in all the hysteria.

The rise in UK temperature was as a direct result of warm air coming from Africa. The temperature, which was not unprecedented for the UK, and certainly not for Africa where it came from, was simply 'weather'.

As can be seen by the Met Office graphic two low pressure fronts funnelled warm hot air from the African continent northwards, causing Britain to experience two days of hot weather. In a rare wider-picture map, hot air is coming from the continent, so even if it were caused by the burning of fossil fuels, then it would be other countries, absolutely nothing to do with you and your petrol car. The graphic which is still on Twitter, went almost unnoticed but clearly shows the true cause. If the high temperatures were caused by Co2 why didn't the met office release a graphic showing this? The two things are at constant odds with each other as the graphic readily shows. The BBC take us all for idiots.


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