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Climate-Change Marxists Envy Coronavirus Effect

Greta Thunberg & her Parents, Extinction Rebellion, and even Greenpeace must be looking on in wonder at how the Coronavirus has so rapidly, and so easily, crippled the world's economy, placing us all under an authoritarian dictatorship as it does. Even Socialist mechanisms are being implemented de facto in this strange new world.

We have also had a glimpse at what an Extinction Rebellion/Thunberg world would look like over the last few days: The empty shelves, the elderly dying, millions on welfare payments, companies going to the wall, etc. The closet Marxists must be loving that last one.

Several Climate activists have demanded to know why the government's response to Coronavirus has been so much 'better' than their response to climate change. The answer is simple: one is real, one made-up. For all the alarmist talk of people dying due to climate change there are no bodies, anywhere, unlike the Coronavirus where bodies are piling up on every continent right now. The fact that it has been so simple to bring the entire Western World under a facsimile Marxist government, by letting loose a virus, must be keeping many an activist up at night. Their dystopian vision is here but they're not instigating it. Covid-19 has stolen their thunder. How galling.

Thumberg wanted all fossil fuel extraction to stop today. Extinction Rebellion founder Roger Hallam didn't care if people died as a consequence of the cause (and especially didn't care if they were Jewish) Greenpeace wanted to destroy big-business and revel in their demise. Thankfully nobody really takes these idiots seriously.

But, in just three short months we have gone from a thriving and expanding global economy to one in freefall, our supermarkets look Venezuelan, our Government's borrowing trillions, people are being arrested for breaking curfews, the stock-market has crashed, and these are all traits of a Marxist world order. They must secretly be beside themselves with rage and envy. Good.

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