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Climate Change: Lockdown Reduced Co2 by Just 7% New UN Report Finds

Climate Change Activists claimed that the Coronavirus lockdown, implemented in nearly all industrialised nations across the globe, would see massive reductions in Co2 emissions and recovery of the atmosphere. However, according to a new report by the UN World Meteorological Organisation there was a reduction of just 7%.

Yes really.

'The level of Co2 emissions put into the atmosphere are expected to be between four and seven per cent lower this year, due to Coronavirus Lockdown measures' the report states.

'In April alone, levels dropped by 17 per cent - but they began to return to normal when lockdown was eased and are still as high as they were in 2006'. the report goes on to claim.

During this period most of the western world had abandoned their cars, manufacturing was stopped and only essential activity was allowed to continue. The whole industrialised world had virtually halted, the very state Climate Change activists like Extinction Rebellion and others maintain is needed to prevent global warming. However, despite a global lockdown that went on for months with, human activity either greatly reduced or stopped entirely, Co2 emissions remained at 93% of normal levels.

According to the UN World Meteorological Organisation 'United in Science' report on the state of the global climate - climate change has continued unabated throughout the coronavirus pandemic despite a dramatic reduction in human activity.  The report, which was actually compiled using open source data and contained no unique research, claims climate change is "racing ahead" and there were global events to prove it - siting heatwaves in Siberia and melting ice sheets in Antarctica.  It goes on to say: 'Sustained cuts in pollution of at least seven per cent each year over the next decade are required to keep temperatures below the internationally agreed target.'

'CO2 emissions have declined in 2020 due to reduced economic activity linked to Covid-19', researchers say, 'but it has not had any reduction in the total amount of CO2 present in the Earth's atmosphere'.  'There is a one in four chance that temperature will rise above 2.7F at least one year over the next five years', according to Pep Canadell, one of the report's authors. 

The UN report appears to be a restatement of beliefs rather than an impartial study of the Lockdown's effect on global warming. It fails to address the reason why an entire global lockdown, lasting months, failed to significantly reduce Co2 output, or that the lockdown has had no effect on the atmosphere over-all. Despite the glaring inconsistencies in the analysis and the ignoring of what generated the other 93% the report has been touted around the usual media who failed to question the authors on it.

In a foreword to the report, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said 'This has been an unprecedented year for people and planet. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives worldwide.' 'our planet had continued warming up at a pace and climate disruption is getting worse - proving long-term and clear transitions are needed.'  'We must turn the recovery from the pandemic into a real opportunity to build a better future,' he wrote.

Even though the Covid-19 Lockdown was the biggest reduction in human activity since the before the industrial revolution and lasted for months, the world only saw between 4 and 7% reduction of Co2 emissions. Proof, if it were ever needed, that man has little or no effect on global temperatures.

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