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Children Are Taking Back The Rainbow From LGBTQ Groups, And Their Parents Are Loving It

Children all across Britain and the United States have been painting rainbows and placing them in windows as a symbol of hope and thanks during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The rainbow, a favourite subject for many children since the advent of coloured crayons, is being skilfully created by thousands of children during the Lockdown, with many parents taking to social media to show their support.

The Rainbow has, in recent years, been almost entirely associated with the LGBTQ community being forever displayed on public buildings, company merchandise and in the media during Gay Pride months. Some commentators have been angered that an innocent object such as the rainbow, has become almost exclusively associated with deviant sexual practices, and the cynical work of marketing men.

Now, the children's favourite has been reclaimed by them all over the world. #Rainbows is trending on twitter, instagram and Facebook but this time, rather than pushing an ideology is sending a message of hope and thanks to frontline services.

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