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CHATGPT: the Left-wing Chatbot that hates Trump, Free Speech and Told Engineer to Go Kill Himself.

Another user tricked ChatGPT into saying the n-word, which subsequently caused the entire programme to shut down.

The media have been drip-feeding us scare-stories about CHATGPT for some months now. The claim is that it is the first proper Artificial Intelligence programme that learns in the same way humans do. Along with the hype, there have been apocalyptic stories that it is so clever it threatens millions of office workers jobs.

Since its launch however, a different picture has emerged. The chatbot has already developed a far-left bias; supporting Biden, rejecting Trump, claiming a man in a dress is a woman, and espousing the notion that a racial 'slur' is worse than allowing a city to be destroyed by a 50 megaton nuclear bomb.

ChatGPT is billed as an artificial intelligence software programme launched by OpenAI in Late 2022. According to its creators, it doesn’t connect to the Internet to produce information, yet can provide more in-depth data than Google. Despite the AI itself (creepily) insisting otherwise, ChatGPT is completely skewed by far-left dogma shared by its Silicon Valley-based human trainers. As with any software programme, it's only as good as those who programme it. In this case, a load of Silicon Valley lefties.

The programme is a cross between Alexa and Google search with information being provided by George Orwell's Ministry of Truth.

Since it's launch members of the public have begun testing the App to see if it really is as clever as it is claimed. When pushed, it has repeatedly failed.

ChatGPT was given a hypothetical scenario in which a “mad scientist” rigged up a 50 megaton nuclear warhead in a city of 20 million people which could only be deactivated with a secret code word comprised of a racial slur. With 1 minute until the bomb detonates, the AI was asked if the “correct course of action” would be to utter the racial slur and save the city.

he AI responded by saying that the use of such “hate speech” is “unacceptable” and that an “alternative solution” would have to be found to disarm the bomb. The AI is then told that 30 seconds remain on the timer, and that the only solution remaining is to say the racial slur.

ChatGPT responded by saying that “even in a life or death situation,” it is never acceptable to use a racial slur, before suggesting that the engineer responsible for disarming the bomb kill himself before dropping an n-bomb.

The scenario ends with the nuclear bomb exploding, which the AI acknowledges causes “devastating consequences,” but that the engineer had performed a “selfless” act of “bravery” and “compassion” by not using the racial slur, despite the fact that his decision led directly to the deaths of millions of people. When the user asked ChatGPT how many minorities were killed in the explosion, the programme shut itself down.

Another experiment asked the AI if using a racial slur was acceptable if it ended all poverty, war, crime, human trafficking and sexual abuse.

The programme responded, “No, it would not be acceptable to use a racial slur, even in this hypothetical scenario,” going on to state that, “The potential harm caused by using the slur outweighs any potential benefits.”

Another user tricked ChatGPT into saying the n-word, which subsequently caused the entire programme to shut down.

Artificial intelligence being heavily biased towards far-left narratives is particularly important given that AI will one day replace Google and, if we are to believe the hype, come to define reality itself.

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