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Bucking Bronco was NOT Cause of Girl's 'Bizarre' Death on Night Out

Jessica Lally, 26, suffered a fatal heart attack whilst riding on a Bucking Bronco machine in a bar on a night out in October 2021, but officials confirm that the ride was not responsible for the girl's death.

The 26 year old shop manager from Rotherham was on a night out with friends and had dropped into the Bronco's Rodeo bar in Sheffield after a meal in a nearby restaurant. Miss Lally decided to ride on the Bucking Bronco machine 'for a bit of fun' and proceeded to attempt to stay on the machine for as long as possible. Eye witnesses said that Miss Lally appeared to have a seizure whilst riding the machine and fell from the machine onto the matting below. A nurse in the bar who witnessed the incident immediately started to help Miss Lally whilst others retrieve a nearby defibrillator which was used before paramedics arrived, all to no avail. Jessica Lally had suffered catastrophic heart failure and died soon after.

The media have reported the death as being a tragic accident involving the Bucking Bronco machine but the machine was not the cause of Miss Lally's death it has been confirmed.

Publicity photo" DesignMyNight Broncos Rodeo Sheffield West St Party Bar

General manager Christopher Brown of Bronco's Rodeo said that Jessica “appeared to suffer from a fit” and that the bull was “moving on the slowest speed. He said: “From the CCTV the lady in questions appeared to be out having a good time with her friends and excited to ride the bull." adding “She past all of our safety checks before mounting the bull. She then very quickly after the ride started appeared to have lost consciousness sliding off under her own body weight.”

Her Death was not related to the ride, an investigation found.

Miss Lally's death, in October 2021, followed The NHS vaccination programme for 20 to 30 year-olds implemented in the weeks prior to the tragedy. The Trust responsible for vaccinating those in Jessica Lally's age group recommended the jab for anyone over the age of 16 and nowhere on their website does it mention Myocarditis or Pericarditis, even though these are known side effects of the Covid Vaccine.

There is a single link that tells patients to report adverse events to the Yellow Card Reporting System and a vague statement about heart-attacks that reads: 'if you have shortness of breath or chest pain then call 999' adding 'these symptoms can be treated'. Clearly not in the case of Miss Lally as they were so severe that she died on the spot.

Prior to the roll out of Covid-19 vaccines, heart-attacks in young people were virtually unheard of say experts. in 2019 there was 1 heart-attack death for every 100,000 people in the age-group, a figure so small that it doesn't even show up on official charts.

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