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BRITcoin - The Government's Latest Plan to Control You and Your money

Yet another 'Conspiracy theory' that is now coming true.

Several pandemic sceptics have pointed to how a number of what seemed like unrelated consequences of restriction measures appear to be putting increasing amounts of power in the hands of politicians, in a way that no-one ever voted for.

Particularly the move to digital currency, under the dubious guise of not spreading the virus via plastic and metal money is happening at an alarming rate. Coins and banknotes are now almost non existent, try to use them in a shop to pay for anything and you will often be looked at by the shop assistant as if you've just handed them a steaming dog-turd as payment. And don't bother trying to explain to the slack-jawed cashier that there's no scientific study that proves that Covid-19 is present on paper or coin money, you would be wasting your breath, probably already restricted by a mask you don't feckin need anyway.

Now, money is almost entirely a digital affair. A recent study by pollsters found that 94% of retail transactions are now digital. Either with a Debit card or, increasingly, via your phone.

A phone that the government also want you to store their Covid Passport App remember.

The idea that your entire wealth profile is in a handy digital form is hugely appealing to Criminals, fraudsters and the government alike. And with digital transactions there is all the 'meta' data (the data about the data) that can tell anyone who views it huge amounts of personal information: Where you went, when you went there, what you bought, how much you paid and so on. and as we produce it authoritarian governments around the world see it as being hugely important to aide control. See China's Social Credit System for it's ultimate execution.

Now the government have announce another move to control your money, in what they are calling 'Bold ideas to prompt the UK’s recovery' is ‘Britcoin’, a Bank of England- and Government-sponsored digital currency that completely ignores the reasons for the success of its Bitcoin near-namesake. The success of some Cryptocurrency is that it was built off a healthy distrust of centralised banks and the surveillance state, – Britcoin is the very antithesis of that.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow people around the world to claw back a shred of privacy in an age of booming surveillance from governments and the tech industry. You can’t go to the shop without being caught on camera. That daily invasion of privacy is the sacrifice in the name of ‘security’ that we, as a nation, have decided is acceptable. Britcoin, on the other hand, represent something much more sinister: a centralised digital currency that would facilitate an all-encompassing ledger of every financial transaction in the UK.

At the moment, the only people who can see your bank account is you and your bank. With Britcoin the government would effectively become your bank. Of course, police and financial investigators are already able to piece together one’s financial history provided they are willing to put in the work to cover various banks and the challenge of tracking cash itself, but this would be entirely different. This would give government a level of information about you that you couldn't possibly imagine. As an example of the sort of size and depth they would be able to see and analyse, Amazon, the online retail giant hold on average 400 A4 pages worth of data on each and every customer. It enables them to build up a very detailed customer profile. That's just one retailer. Just imagine if every transaction you ever did was available to the government. It would effectively end privacy as we know it.

A digital currency managed by a central bank could provide the Government easy access to all of this information, all of the time – no warrant necessary. It could allow the UK Government a window into the daily life of every citizen, from the precise time they buy a coffee in the morning to the movie they buy to watch before bed. Recent years have seen the public resisting the abilities of private corporations in this regard; we shouldn’t roll over for the state. There is no legitimate security necessity to balance out the invasion of privacy in this case – it’s a power grab and nothing more.

For those that believe this to be another 'conspiracy theory' that would never happen in freedom loving Britain it was exactly the same story with Vaccine Passports, they were 'never going to happen' until suddenly they were. The same with Lockdowns themselves, another idea 'borrowed' from the Chinese, who are also at the forefront of this type of total control via digital identity.

Centralisation of a cashless society to a central bank won't provide any tangible benefits for the consumer. None whatsoever. The only benefit is for the state who could, at the flick of a switch, entirely 'delete' you. Think that's far-fetched? Well it is happening right now in China as you read this, and, over the last two years we have imported almost everything from China, from a virus, to lockdowns, to PPE. Why not a currency system too?

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