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Britain: A Dystopian Police State

Derbyshire Police have released a video, taken by Drone, that identifies people that it deems are breaking the law. The video, released on Twitter, targets solitary people, in the middle of rural Peak District, taking exercise for both their physical and mental health, but are now identified as showing 'non-compliant' behaviour.

As we reported previously on Vision News, Drones will be increasingly used by the UK's Police forces to be their 'eyes in the sky'. Even though we are already the most surveillanced country in the world. Many of these Drones come with sophisticated facial recognition technology, so you will likely be issued a fine or even a prison sentence for breaking the social distancing rules without any Police being present, in much the same way a speed camera catches you at the moment.

The footage is a glimpse into a dystopian world that's unfolding before our very eyes. In the name of fighting a virus, Britain has become a Police State. Millions of people are effectively under house arrest. We are only on Day 4 and The State is already showing a disproportionate amount of authoritarianism.

Some are now seriously asking if the cure is worse than the virus. Worse still, that it is being used as an excuse to implement an authoritarian dictatorship over the British people.

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