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Boris Johnson Insults Families of those Killed by Covid Vaccines by Calling Deaths 'Mumbo Jumbo'

Dismisses 1800 deaths with a smirk on his face.

The families of over 1800 people killed by Covid Vaccines in the last 12 months have been insulted by Boris Johnson who accused them of speaking "mumbo jumbo" when it comes to coronavirus jabs.

The Prime Minister stooped to new lows yesterday by dismissing the families of those who have been killed or seriously injured by Covid-19 'Vaccines' as he completely dismissed them in the most callous way.

Johnson, who was speaking while on a visit to a vaccination centre in Northampton, said: "I want to say to the anti-vax campaigners, the people who are putting this mumbo jumbo on social media: they are completely wrong." going on to say "You haven't heard me say that before, because I think it's important we have a voluntary approach in this country and we're going to keep a voluntary approach."

To claim that over 1 million adverse events and over 1800 deaths are all a 'conspiracy theory' enables the crime to continue.

No more silence, the organisation set up by victims and families of those killed by Covid vaccines, say "We are a fast-growing group who have been affected in many different ways by the Covid-19 Vaccine implementation. We are NOT anti-vax and we are NOT conspiracy theorists. In fact, all the victims represented within this platform took the Vaccine thinking they were doing the right thing within the fight against Covid-19. We are however pro informed-choice, pro consent, pro science and strongly anti-coercion. We also wish to bring into question the reasoning and strategy behind the inordinate levels of censorship surrounding ANY factually correct negative Covid-19 Vaccine news, especially within the mainstream media and social media platforms."

Now Mr Prime Minister does that sound like mumbo jumbo to you?

The website carry many harrowing stories of those maimed or killed by Covid Vaccines. Take the story of Pete for instance who died after the "safe and effective" Pfizer Vaccine:

Pete Had A Massive Stroke And Sadly Died

Does this look like mumbo jumbo?

Hi, I’m Karen and my son’s name is Tyler.

My husband and I went Tuesday November 16th to take our Pfizer Booster shots.

Within an hour of having the Pfizer Booster Vaccine he started seizing. Called 911 . They arrived and he was as still seizing. They got him in the ambulance and he come around. He was answering questions. They took him to the hospital and when I got there he was still talking and answering questions. The nurse said he was being sassy. She asked a few more question and then he started seizing again. He was very agitated grabbing IV line and choking so they sedated and intubated him.

They took him for a CT to see if he had a brain bleed and they were talking about giving the shot that can reverse a stroke.

They said he had a massive stroke that triggered seizures and said he had had a previous significant large stroke and several smaller mini strokes.

By this time they felt the shot would do more harm than good. He laid there about 2 hours then the Neuro Doctor and ICU Doctor came in, observed, then did a couple of things whilst checking him. He then told me he really needed to be somewhere where his brain could be monitored with an EEG. So they went and starting making calls to Erlanger, Memorial, Emery and Grady Hospitals. Memorial did not have one and Erlanger did not have any beds.

Finally after 2 more hours I was told Emery had a bed for him. Within 30 minutes they come and airlifted him to Emery.

The next morning his Doctor called and told me the whole left side of his brain was dead. He also asked me if his heart stopped would I want to try to revive him which could involve breaking his ribs. I said no and the Doctor asked me if I was coming down, because he needed to talk to me in person about what was going on.

When I got there he told me how bad the stroke was and told me about the scenario that would, or could, happen. I told him that Peter would not want to live on a breathing machine because it’s not living.

So we aimed to take him off around 6 giving time for our son and his brother and sister to get to Atlanta. They got there some about 4 and the others about 6:15. They removed him from life-support around 6:30 and he lasted until 7:19. We watched him take his last breath.

Does that sound like 'mumbo jumbo' or the heartbreaking account of a woman who has just lost her husband to an unsafe medical intervention?


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