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Boris Johnson Extends Sex Ban Indefinitely for 14 Million Singles

It really is “i’m alright, Jack, pull up the ladder”

Boris Johnson's 'Road Map' condemns millions of single people to months more isolation, severe mental health issues, and denies 1/3rd of all Adults in the UK their basic human rights.

"we're all in this together" is a massive lie. Experience of Lockdown differs hugely between age groups, social classes, and between the public and private sector. Note that the only people who have ever pushed for lockdowns are the latter. All of the ones that don't have a dog in this fight.

For those who were single as of the 23rd of March 2020 this will mean they will have endured no meaningful human interaction for at least 18 months, a denial of basic human rights for over 14 Million people. and we will never get those 18 months of life back. They're gone for ever.

A right to life and liberty is in the first line of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights document, a document that Britain not only signed up to, but was instrumental in creating in 1948, but the government couldn't throw that out of the window quick enough when Covid appeared. Whilst the media focused on the plight of elderly people who couldn't see their family, students who whinged that this was spoiling their college years, and parents who were finding it difficult to teach THEIR OWN CHILDREN, some 14 million single people battled against enforced loneliness, increased mental illness with many taking their own life as a consequence.

The roadmap provides no hope for single people, Whilst parents get their lives back, and families can see each other at some point, singletons remain the singled-out. If you're single you're still not able to date, save for a bloody picnic in March on a park-bench. That may well be ok for the first couple of dates but it'll probably upset the other park-goers when the third one comes around and the singletons start fucking like a couple of safari-park chimps.

It isn't possible that the government have simply 'forgotten' about 14 million people, the simple fact is, they don't care. Bojo moved his current girlfriend into Number 10 in the middle of lockdown, Chris Whitty looks as if he's never seen a naked woman only reading about them in a book, whilst Neil Ferguson, the architect of all this shit, ignored (and is still ignoring) all the lockdown restrictions for his weekly shag-fest with a busty climate change activist.

All in this together? Like fuck we are.

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