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Body of Jewish Woman Paraded in Streets as Palestinian Terrorists Shout "God is Great"

Dozens of Israelis taken hostage by Hamas in surprise attack on Jewish homes.

Palestinians strip the corpse of an Israeli woman, desecrate it, and parade it around the streets, whilst all the time shouting "Allah Akbar" (God is great). The as yet unknown victim is just on of dozens of israelis murdered or, in a new move, taken hostage what is the worst violence seen in the region in a generation.

Dozens of Israelis have been snatched by Hamas, their fate unknown.

Over 200 have already been killed reports the Times of Israel. Soon after the assault started Benjamin Netanyahu went on Israeli TV announcing that Israel was at war. The Israeli PM vowed to exact ‘unprecedented price’ from the terror group after hundreds of gunmen cross the border, attacking homes and IDF bases.

In response, Israel launched rockets into Gaza destroying several Hamas strongholds.

Inevitably, the mainstream media have ignored the murders, concentrating on the rocket response by Israel.

In London, mass support for the murders is witnessed as the perpetrators are celebrated as heroes. Jewish people living in London are reportedly concerned that attacks on them will increase as a result.

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