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Blair: Unvaccinated Should Remain Under Lockdown Restrictions

June 21st date can only be met if two groups are treated differently.

Tony Blair is a cunt, we all know that, and his hand in the 'pandemic' has been huge, planning and meddling throughout, but just when you think he can't get any more of a cunt he defies all expectations and does.

He's now suggesting that all those who choose not to be vaccinated should be discriminated against by remaining under lockdown restrictions if the UK’s June 21st “freedom day” is to be accomplished.

During an interview with ITV News, Blair was asked if he would delay the June 21st deadline, when all social distancing, mask mandates and other lockdown rules are supposed to come to an end. He said that if the data suggested the June 21st date was at risk, the government should “look again at distinguishing between those people who are vaccinated and those people who aren’t because it really makes no sense to treat the two groups as if they’re the same.”

The former Labour leader then attempted to offer a rebuttal to those who would describe this as discrimination, but only succeeded in affirming that he is advocating for discrimination against the unvaccinated and confirming what we already knew; he's a cunt.

“If someone simply chooses not to get vaccinated, I mean frankly that’s their choice, you’re not discriminating against them, they’ve chosen not to do it,” said Blair.

Yes, he really is suggesting that people who haven’t taken the vaccine should be punished by remaining under lockdown rules while the rest of the population gets their freedoms back. Blair’s agenda in advocating discrimination against the unvaccinated isn’t surprising given that he has been aggressively pushing the use of vaccine passports for over a year, and before that, Citizen IDs. ..the cunt.

Back in January, Blair said that Britain should take the lead in presiding over a global vaccine passport system. “It’s going to be a new world altogether,” Blair proclaimed, adding “The sooner we grasp that and start to put in place the decisions [needed for a] deep impact over the coming years the better.” Whilst many believe that his megalomaniac tendencies have not gone away and that this entire political life has been consumed with neo-marxist ideologies, the pursuit of power, and a single utter hatred of his fellow countrymen. Whatever the truth behind his motivations, he confirms on a regular basis that he is a cunt.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Jun 13, 2021

Is the same Blair who allegedly appeared before magistrates in the early 1980s for "cottageing" in a public toilet.

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