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Tony Blair Institute Embedded In Governments Around the World Advising on Lockdowns

But lockdowns are 'not politically motivated'.

The Tony Blair Institute is keen to tell us, via its Twitter Page, that it has embedded itself around the world within Governments to advise on lockdowns, and this explains why so many countries have copied each other in lockdown and social manipulation measures.

Those governments that have taken Blair's instructions have always argued that lockdowns were not politically motivated and were entirely to do with public health and often pointed at other countries as if there was a general consensus: 'it must be good because the whole world is doing it.' However, the truth is, far from it being a prevailing scientific consensus, it is the political machinations of Tony Blair whose institute is 'embedded within Governments' advising them how to react and behave.

The Tony Blair Institute has no more knowledge or understanding about viruses than Dorothy Perkins, they an opportunistic political organisation with a socialist agenda.

The Blair Institute has close ties with The World Economic Forum, another unelected Non Government Organisation (NGO) that has no given powers, is unelected, but whose influence stretches far and wide, with strangle-holds on many governments around the world. They, like the Blair institute, exercise their powers due to billions of dollars in funding from some of the world's richest people.

Blair, who always wanted to be the permanent President of the EU, now operates behind the scenes. Unelected; unaccountable, and yet also hugely influential, he remains at the very core of the European project whilst nearly every major government on the African continent has the Blair Institute embedded in it.

The British public may have rejected Blairism a decade ago, but he is now more of a threat to our freedom and prosperity than ever before.

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