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Black Lives Matter Show They ARE A Terrorist Group After All

BLM Paramilitaries paraded on the streets of Brixton whilst police stood idly by and did NOTHING.

Any pretence that Black Lives Matter are a harmless social movement wanting to end racism was dispelled at the weekend when they displayed their new paramilitary wing to a gorking crowd of onlookers. Dressed in black, many wearing stab vests and berets, the 'recruits' were 'drilled' to make it appear they were a trained fighting force, though, it was clear they were not. It may have appeared juvenile, but the message was clear: a total rejection of English laws and societal norms. Make no mistake; this was a declaration of war on the British people and we appear powerless to stop it.

Nigel Farage, who has been warning us for months about Black Lives Matter being a anarchist group, tweeted these were "terrifying scenes.."

The paramilitary-style march in Brixton went ahead completely unchallenged. Whilst the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV also failed to cover the event the importance of it may have passed many by. As several commentators have pointed out; political uniforms and paramilitary organisations were banned in Britain during the 1930s to try and stop the rise of fascist and communist organisations mimicking those that were on the rise in Germany at the time and we all know how that ended. The law, which has never been repealed, went onto the statute books in 1936 and stated:

Prohibition of uniforms in connection with political objects.

(1) Subject as hereinafter provided, any person who in any public place or at any public meeting wears uniform signifying his association with any political organisation or with the promotion of any political object shall be guilty of an offence.

Following the incident Ministry of Justice source told political website Guido Fawkes he could see no reason why the “FF Force” uniforms didn’t contravene the Act. But then added "Under the Public Order Act the decision to arrest or not arrest is devolved to the officer in charge of policing the operation, in this case Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor."

We previously reported that Sasha Johnson, leader of Black Lives Matter Oxford, called for a Black Militia at a rally last week and whilst she may be playing at being a revolutionary, others may not. The English Dictionary defines a Militia as: A military force that engages in rebel or terrorist activities in opposition to a regular army.

This is only going one way, we can see it so why can't the authorities? Will it take the bombing of children at a pop concert or the shooting of a police officer before they act?

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