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The Leader of Oxford's Black Lives Matter Says British Police Are Like KKK

A second video of Black Lives Matter Marxist 'Sasha' has appeared online and it’s even more pathetic than the first. Speaking at a rally earlier today the leader of the Oxford Black Lives Matter Organisation is seen standing with fellow Marxists dressed in paramilitary uniforms, which, as one twitter user pointed out, is against the 1936 act that banned such organisations, not that this muppet would know, or care, of course.

In the video 'Sasha' is heard likening the police to the KKK, calling for a black militia, and for that ol' favourite of Commies everywhere: the 'revolution'. At one point she attempts a sort of rap but then remembers that she's shit at it and it sort of fizzles out. The rally appears to be the wet dream of some spoiled brat who has never been told 'no'. Apart from one woman in a hijab and covid mask, the rally appears to be unattended. The military clothing most likely purchased from ASOS or Boohoo, not exactly Che Guevara but then there is free P&P with the online giants at the moment so you'd be mad not to. Although, in yesterday's video the Revolutionary Leader is wearing a top from The North Face, sported by every middle-classed white male who pretends he's outdoorsy. So radical!

This video follows another that appeared online yesterday when the same unhinged child is seen threatening a black man who she doesn't agree with, whilst repeatedly calling him a 'coon'. As @UKJon points out: She needs locking up.

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