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BBC Tells Your Toddlers You're Racist

In an unbelievable video published by the BBC their CBEEBIES channel pushes the BLM narratives: ‘Silence is Violence’ and 'all white people are racist' unless they actively demonstrate they’re not.

CBEEBIES channel, a channel aimed at toddlers and small children, joins the rest of the BBC's media in pumping out endless identity politics propaganda, not even 3 yr olds are now safe from their indoctrination. In the video John Amaechi, a Psychologist and Left Wing Activist, uses neuro-linguistic programming techniques whilst talking softly in short sentences, telling the viewer that, to be a good child, the infant must actively repeat the slogans and propaganda of the BLM movement and to 'call out' any of their family or friends who appear not to be woke. If they don't, Amaechi implies, then they are as bad as the racist. It’s subtle, but be under no illusion, this is the brainwashing of your children. The “Silence is Violence” message for 3yr olds.

The BBC appear to be the media arm of the BLM organisation, even though they have been exposed as a Marxist group with a convicted terrorist as their main fundraiser, the BBC have continued to push this nasty agenda that all white people are racist and must atone for their sins. This video is not the first time the BBC have tried to indoctrinate our children, but it is the first time they have attempted this for those so young.

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