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Australian Officials Now Turn on Novak Djokovic Supporters in Shocking Video

You can't say that Djokovic is a political prisoner held by a communist state, even if it is true.

Tennis Australia demanded to confiscate the group’s signs because they were deemed “inappropriate”.

Video has emerged of tennis fans at the Australian Open tournament being harassed by an official ordering them to hand over all their homemade Novak Djokovic signs or be thrown out.

In the wake of the Australian authorities revoking the tennis star’s visa and holding him hostage for days, it appears that fans are now not even allowed to express any support for their favourite player.

The footage shows a fan at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne being approached by an official who eventually admits that he has been tasked by Tennis Australia to confiscate the group’s signs because they are “inappropriate”.

The man refuses to explain why the signs are inappropriate and just keeps repeating the claim and stating “you know why.” The signs read “Free Novak”, with one declaring that the champion player is being held ‘hostage of a communist state’.

As we highlighted last week, authorities clearly planned to make an example out of Djokovic over his beliefs on vaccination as a warning to others.

The tennis champ had his possessions, confiscated, was interrogated for 8 hours, woken up while trying to sleep and subsequently forced to stay in a flea ridden ghetto hotel full of illegal immigrants and criminals. There were also unconfirmed reports that authorities attempted to rearrest Djokovic following the court case today. Whatever happens in the next few days, this story is not going away any time soon.

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10 janv. 2022

I'm beginning to wonder if this whole episode is being choreographed after links on Dubrovnik's web site to the world economic forum were removed.

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