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ASA bans advert that offends Woke

The Advertising Standards Authority have become the Mary Whitehouse of the 21st Century. Now for any advert to be broadcast on British media it has to be ‘Woke’, very, very Woke.

The ASA, a self regulatory organisation for the industry, has, in recent years, become a very different animal from what it once was. Whilst originally set-up to ensure advertisers did not make false or misleading claims in their ads they now seem to have morphed into some third-wave feminist organisation whose mission is to ban anything that is not actively seen to be ‘smashing the patriarchy’ or empowering women in some identity politics way.

The latest advert to be banned by this puritanical organisation is a Youtube ad by Pretty Little Things for their latest line of lingerie. The Advertising Standards Authority said of the advert featuring women wearing lingerie it was “offensive”. To whom they did not elaborate. The YouTube ad presented the firm's products in an "overly-sexualised way" and depicted women as 'sex objects', the Advertising Standards Authority went on to say. A business insider commented 'It is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, for a company whose business is selling sexy lingerie, to make an advert that does not show sexy lingerie.'

This is only the latest in a long line of Woke-rulings by the ASA. They have previously banned adverts by Pretty Little Things, Boohoo and other retailers in this sector for “highly sexualised” and “offensive” ads. This follows the banning of a VW advert that appeared to outrage the ASA because it showed ‘stereo typical genders’ - the audacity! Clearly, this heinous crime was worse than the VW Diesel scandal in the eyes of the Woke organisation.

However, an advert by Razor manufacturers Gillette which was offensive to men by implying just being a man was toxic, was ushered through by the ASA unchallenged. The Third-Wave Feminists who now appear to control the ASA probably cheering between sips of their morning latte.

It would seem that the ASA has become the self-appointed moral compass of the nation, or perhaps imposing a third-wave feminist ideology on the rest of us by stealth.

Vision News Online

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