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All NHS Staff Given Mandatory BLM Training at Taxpayers Expense in Defiance of Government

Marxist organisation paid to indoctrinate health workers.

The NHS have commissioned the Marxist organisation Black Lives Matter to develop a series of new diversity courses that will become mandatory for all staff on a bi-annual basis, prompting outrage from Civil Liberty and Taxpayer groups alike.

The training will cover 'white privilege', 'unconscious bias' and 'authentic allyship' and even contains a video of a full interview with one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter group Patrisse Cullors, who previously described herself and fellow co-founder Alicia Garza as 'trained Marxists'. The group has also described one of its key objectives as being to 'defund the police'.

In the course, seen by the Telegraph, BLM is reportedly described as a 'healing' movement that works to 'eradicate white supremacy'. The course describes BLM as having a 'prime focus to expose and challenge anti-blackness in its multiple manifestations'. NHS staff are reportedly being urged to look at all NHS policies through a 'BLM lens' and that this would be 'useful' in 'fueling better racial equity in the health service'.

According to the Telegraph, the training says: 'BLM's philosophy would encourage the NHS to critically evaluate its organisations and practices to address the systemic barriers which have retained and relegated BME nurses to the lower tiers of the nursing hierarchy for decades.'

The news has sparked fury from taxpayers' groups, who have accused the NHS of 'wasting money on woke causes'.

BLM deny they are a Marxist organisation but have adopted the same tactics as Marxist, their website lists all the same goals as Marx set out in the Communist Manifesto and the organisation was created by two self-confessed "trained Marxists" giving little credibility to their denial. Co-founder of the US BLM group, Ms Cullours, described herself and fellow co-founder Ms Garza, as 'trained Marxists' in a 2015 interview. She said: 'We do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers; we are trained Marxists.

The NHS has reportedly paid the BLM organisation to devise the course that will become part of its Diversity and Equality training that all staff must undertake every two years to 're-educate' them out of their racist, homophobic and transphobic ways. The training culminates in an online, time-limited, test where you have 2 attempts to show an 80% pass rate or face being sent back to HR for further 'reprogramming'.

The NHS was always a socialist organisation, with most staff being left-wing, but increasingly the organisation has become far-left, becoming obsessed with extreme left ideologies. Staff have recently been instructed to put their 'gender pronouns' on emails, as if there are more than two genders, a fact that should be a given for the National Health Service.

However, in 2020 Kemi Badenoch made a speech in parliament making it perfectly clear that the teaching of this political ideology is our public sector is breaking the law.

Badenoch stated:

"what we are against is the teaching of 'contested political ideas' as if they are accepted fact."

"The promotion of Critical Race Theory is a dangerous trend in race relations; an ideology that sees [my] blackness as victimhood, and their whiteness as oppression."

"I want to make this absolutely clear, this government stands unequivocally against Critical Race Theory. Some schools have decided to openly support the anti-capitalist Black Lives Matter group, often fully aware that they have a statutory duty to be impartial."

"We know that the BLM movement is political." "There is a lot of pernicious stuff and we stand against that."

"..and let me be clear, any school that teaches these elements of Critical Race Theory as fact, or which promotes partisan political views such as defunding the police, without offering a balanced treatment of opposing views is breaking the law."

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