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Air Pollution ‘Just as Dangerous as Coronavirus’, says Lockdown Fanatic Chris Whitty

He's back.

Chris Whitty is back with more plans to rob you of your freedom. This time the chief medical officer is attempting to make the atmosphere itself a thing of danger. Whitty, one of the architects of lockdowns and snake oil potions has now begun spinning stories about another coming apocalypse: 'Air Pollution'. In an almost identical act of 'staging' to those done before Covid Lockdowns, Whitty has begun making press-statements about the quality of the environment.

In his annual report speech Whitty stated “air pollution is just as dangerous as Covid-19". Whitty stated that the population should be encouraged to “change behavior” and it was "important to achieve greater progress on air pollution”.

The creepy-looking authoritarian went on to say: “You don’t choose the air you breathe when you go outside, when you walk down the street, when you enter buildings or when you leave them. So it is very important that the government takes this issue seriously and it ‘did”

He went on to suggest the government make known the actions needed to be adopted to 'combat CO2 emissions'.

I think we should make it very clear to people that their behaviors can cause significant problems, potentially for vulnerable people. I think almost every parent sees someone whose car is idling in front of their kids’ school as incredibly antisocial.he said, believing that the “People should have the courage to say, ‘Please don’t do this’”.

In his report, Chris Whitty goes on to point out that the air quality has “significantly improved” since the 1980s. In February 2022, in London, during the Clean Air Summit, he had already welcomed the “Clean Air Act” of 1956, which “solved the problem with great success”. However, air pollution still causes, according to him, “between 26,000 and 38,000 deaths per year” et “many people suffer from preventable chronic diseases because of it”. In February, he cited the “risks of strokes, heart attacks, cancers and other illnesses”.

Covid and climate change, same modus operandi

The proposal by Chris Whitty “to push” the population “in action” to make him change his behavior in terms of energy consumption, raises many questions and fears. Many see in the expansion of his powers as chief medical officer towards environmental issues, presented as health problems, a standardisation of crisis management policies linked to covid and climate change. In short, all the so called 'conspiracy theorists' are again being proved right. Whitty and his colleagues are now pushing air pollution / climate change as the next big thing requiring lockdowns to cure. Whitty is 'priming' the public, exactly as he did with Covid.

Last year, Claire Fox, then a member of the House of Lords, warned against such manipulation. In an interview with Breitbart London she said: “You can expect to see a whole host of issues disguised as public health concerns and I’ve even noticed that climate change has been framed as a public health risk rather than a matter of green ideology.”

“Trial period”

Designs more and more confirmed. Last year, WHO experts claimed that “the Covid-19 pandemic” was not “just a trial period”. Countries should use “The Hard Lessons” learned during this pandemic “to deal with another major global crisis: climate change”.


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The most dangerous thing about covid 19 was/is authoritarian arseholes like Twitty, Sir Unbalanced, Prof. Pants Down Ferguson ( if he wanted to be a modeller he should've stuck to Airfix kits ) and all the rest of the fuckwits that REALLY didn't/don't have your health as a priority. All this crap about CO2 emissions being the enemy is complete and utter bullshit and they know it. Without CO2, the trees and plants won't be able to soak it up and produce that other thing vital to ALL life on Earth...OXYGEN!

These anti CO2 nutters should be forced to watch these videos on a loop. World In Midst of Carbon Drought (w/ Prof. William Happer, Princeton University)

We’re in…

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