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Again, For the Hard of Thinking: It’s NOT Energy Company PROFITS Causing High Energy Bills

High Energy bills have absolutely nothing to do with energy company profits, Let me state that again, for the idiots at the back of the room: your high energy bill is not because of profits.

by Philip James

Yes, energy companies are making massive profits and that is difficult to stomach when millions of us are facing the prospect of heating or eating this winter. But that has little or nothing to do with energy bills topping £8K this year. If you believe it is, then you are wrong, and here’s why.

The current crisis is a result of limited supplies. That supply limit has been brought about because successive governments have listened to the mad ravings of climate zealots who have convinced them to leave cheap and plentiful fuel in the ground to save the planet.

The massive bill that landed on your mat this week is a direct result of the Net Zero policy. Energy company profits are a symptom of the diktat, not the cause. The UK government have paid too much attention to Greta Thumberg and Klaus Schwab and too little to common sense. They'd rather sacrifice your life to save some hypothetical child born 200 years from now.

Putin may have turned the gas off to starve Europe into submission, but what the hell was Europe doing relying on it in the first place? Donald Trump warned what would happen and the German's laughed at him. They should ruminate on that whilst they sit in the dark and cold this winter.

But again, this is merely a symptom, not the cause. Had Germany not got caught up in the Green madness in the 2010s and switched off its coal power stations it would not have needed gas from Russia. Germany too attempted to make it's entire grid powered by renewables, heavily investing in wind turbines that sprang up all over the country. The project was an unmitigated failure and caused the Germans to fire-up mothballed coal power stations to prevent the country's collapse. Realising they had made a catastrophic mistake they then proceeded in compounding it by striking a deal with Russia to have millions of cubic litres of their Gas piped in to the country.

This should have served as a warning to the British government but it didn't. They ignored the obvious, and the science, pushing on with ever more catastrophic green policies. Yes, we laughed at extinction rebellion and the tantrums of Greta, but they were winning. They are winning, look at your energy bill and tell me they're not.

The BBC, and most of the media, have been reframing the energy crisis as energy companies profiteering at the consumer's expense. The BBC in particular have been doing a lot of vox-pops asking the public what they think of the massive profits energy bosses are making, carefully screening the type of people they ask, and deleting the ones who don't say the right thing. Oil companies always make huge profits, that is literally what they are in business to do, anything else is communism, but they were not the ones who decided to stop extracting oil, gas and coal in favour of windmills and solar panels, they were ordered to stop producing their most profitable products because they are supposedly destroying the planet.

Why should this matter you may ask? Because if you keep electing politicians who have a green agenda, you are literally voting to be poorer. You are literally voting for power cuts, huge energy bills, energy lockdowns, recession, economic crash, businesses to close, food to be more expensive, travel to be restricted, no more foreign holidays, 25,000 avoidable deaths, and any number of other events that will impact your life, that's why.

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