Afghan Migrant Gang Rape Mentally Disabled Woman in Sweden Days After Arriving in the Country

A group of Afghan migrants gang raped a mentally handicapped Swedish woman, on repeated occasions, only days after arriving in the country. Now, groups representing Afghan migrants state that the men cannot be deported back to Afghanistan due to the current political situation in that country.

FriaTider reports that the 24-year-old victim lived in a special accommodation facility in Upplands Väsby for people who cannot take care of themselves. “Lisa has autism and a cognitive impairment which means that she is intellectually at the level of a small child. She has difficulty following conversations, has a limited perception of time and has difficulty maintaining her hygiene. According to staff who help her, she is very naive, can not say no and believes well in everyone.”

When Lisa told carers she had a “sore butt” as a result of her “boyfriend” using a cider bottle to anally penetrate her, they immediately called the police. During subsequent police questioning, Lisa revealed that her “boyfriend” Abul Fazl Yaqubi and another Afghan called Esmaili Jawid had initiated the rape by playing a game of ‘truth or dare’.

When the bottle pointed to Lisa, the Afghans told her to take off her clothes, which she did. When the bottle later pointed to Esmaili, Abul Fazl told him to put a cider bottle in Lisa’s abdomen.

Esmaili pulled Lisa down on the floor. While Abul Fazl held her arms, Esmaili pushed the cider bottle between her legs. And then I just feel a cider bottle that they stuff in, far in and then I felt that it hurt a lot in the abdomen Lisa says in interview.

He bottle is pulled out and put in again. The second time makes it even worse. Still, Lisa does not dare say no. – I did not dare to say it to an Afghan, I can not say it to an Afghan, I know how they behave if you say no

You can be beaten if you say no.

After the Afghans raped Lisa with the bottle, they took off their clothes and told her to go into the bedroom.

Inside, the abuse continues. Esmaili has intercourse with Lisa and repeatedly puts his fingers in her abdomen. Then Lisa starts shouting that she does not want to. But her “boyfriend” Abul Fazl silences her screams by pressing his fingers down Lisa’s throat.

During questioning, Lisa also revealed that she had previously been raped by the men vaginally and that a third Afghan, Shokrallah Shahzad, had also taken part. She also said that Yaqubi had used social media to trick her into thinking he was her “boyfriend” before subsequently beating her and threatening to kill her if she reported him.

Yaqubi also exploited Lisa’s vulnerability to traffic her to his other Afghan friends who also sexually abused her. “After Lisa got to know Abul Fazl, the rumor seems to have spread in Afghan circles that there was a mentally handicapped woman in Upplands Väsby with whom one could have sex. In the spring, a fighting stream of Afghans visit Lisa’s apartment at the municipal residence. She tells the police that in addition to her “boyfriend” Abul Fazl, there have been three or four other foreign men who have had sex with her,” according to the report.