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"We Need to Take Many, Many Millions of Afghan Refugees" Says Rory Stewart

Here we go again.

Former Tory MP and self proclaimed 'Afghanistan expert' Rory Stewart was first to bring up the subject of refugees, saying that Britain should 'lead the way' in accepting them.

"I would expect Britain to lead an international effort… to work out how we can provide safe passage and asylum for Afghans who want to leave." "But be in no doubt: we are talking about many many millions of people." And this is an entirely horrifying and unnecessary tragedy, but it’s a tragedy that we bear the responsibility for for the reckless actions of the last few weeks."

What they failed to tell the public is this would be in addition to existing structures to assist Afghan nationals come to the UK.

Foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, said on Tuesday morning that ministers were working on a “bespoke” resettlement scheme for vulnerable Afghans, in addition to the usual asylum system, modelled on the Syrian scheme. Raab said he could not give any details, as these would come “shortly” from Priti Patel, the home secretary, and from Boris Johnson.

Under the criteria every single Afghan could be making their way here, all 38 million of them. And that's potentially on top of the 7 million Hong Kong residents who also see Britain as their destination for a new life. In May this year the Government admitted that there were 1.2 Million illegal immigrants currently resident in the UK more than double what they had previously estimated, and that over 2 million former EU citizens claimed UK residency after Brexit on top of that. Some 6000 young men have illegally entered Britain via boats across the channel this year alone. Seeing hundreds of young men in inflatables landing on Kent beaches every day could easily be mistaken for an invasion.

Now Britain faces the influx of millions more from yet another failed Muslim state. If anyone thinks that is a good idea, then they only need to look at recent history. Germany took a million people from Syria in 2016, and it had devastating consequences for the German people. The country, six years on, is still suffering the aftermath of that decision.

Britain seems hell bent on importing other cultures who invariably hate the British people. Afghans see the UK, along with the US, as occupiers. They never asked for, nor want, to be 'westernised'. You cannot bomb your way to democracy, history tells us that, repeatedly.

Importing millions of people from a country that hates us and our way of life is sheer loonacy, and a decision we will all live to regret.

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