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A Third of All Dutch Farms Confiscated by Government Due to 'Nitrogen Crisis'

Dutch authorities are forcing farmers to sell their farms to the government because of a claimed crisis over nitrogen usage, but could well be using the land to build houses for migrants.

The Dutch government have spent the last two years orchestrating a hate campaign against its own farmers. Through propaganda, and the excuse of a climate crisis, authorities have orchestrated a narrative that put ordinary farmers as villians in an ongoing fantasy about destroying the planet.

Once the scene was set the government then claimed the only way to solve the crisis was with 'drastic action'. This action was to identify over 600 farms that were 'guilty' of producing too much nitrogen, and would be forcibly closed as a result.

This will devastate the Dutch economy, the Netherlands has been called the “tiny country that feeds the world”. With over 100 million livestock, it is the largest meat exporter in Europe and the second-largest exporter of food globally by value after the United States. Dutch farmers are some of the most efficient and effective in the world, feeding much of Europe with meat and dairy, the land has been farmed in this way for 12,000 years and many of the farms now targeted have been in the same family for generations.

The government have claimed that nitrogen, just like Co2, is a pollutant, and must be stopped, but Dutch farmers have been farming this way for 12,000 years and the world hasn't ended yet.

In response to this supposed emergency, the Dutch authorities is to confiscate over 600 farms by making farmers forcibly sell their land to the government, which have prompted massive protests that the Dutch media have claimed are by 'far-right conspiracy theorists'. It's not a conspiracy theory that these farms are being taken against the owners will. And it's not 'far right' to want to save your livelihood. One farmer has already committed suicide over the loss of his farm and more will follow.

Commentators have pointed out that a parallel plan involving mass immigration could be at the root of the land confiscation. Space for housing in the Netherlands is running out, couple that with the 120,000 migrants coming into the country every year and suddenly the 'emergency' takes on a new perspective.

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