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355 Excess Deaths in Children Mysteriously Disappear from Europe's Figures

Sudden death syndrome in children cover-up?

Substack website Trust the Evidence state:

We reported last week that EUROMOMO (the European mortality monitoring site) data showed an excess of 800 deaths for 2022 in children aged 0 to 14. They report 'an eagle-eyed subscriber alerted us to a strange phenomenon: in the latest report (week 36), 355 excess deaths have seemingly disappeared. Note the numerical change on the vertical axis in the graphs below.'

This is what it looked like two weeks ago - just above 800 (see here)

We emailed EUROMOMO asking to explain what happened in the two most recent reporting weeks to cause the “disappearance”.

The answer was, “as you can read in our weekly bulletin and on the webpage for “Graphs and maps”, Spain did not participate in the EuroMOMO output in week 36, due to an adjustment process related with mortality data source”.

We can rest easy then (well, sort of): 355 child excess deaths took place in Spain over a 1-2 week period, and the non-reporting accounted for the dramatic fall in excess mortality. Moreover, such a notable fall caused the readjustment of the Y axis on the graph (note from 800 to 400).

The findings of Trust the Evidence don't appear alarming on their own, however, this needs to be viewed in context. Ever since vaccines have been rolled out excess deaths, in all age-groups, have risen sharply. Some of these can be attributed to lockdowns but the correlation to what is now being called sudden death syndrome and the release date of each vaccine 'booster' is too close and frequent to be mere coincidence.


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