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15 Min City Goes Ahead Despite Name Change Says Council Whistleblower

Oxford City Council has said that they are to drop the term "15-minute-city" from their documents and will no longer use the term to describe their plan due to "fear of backlash".

However, a Whistleblower, who is privy to the Council's core agenda, says that there is no-change whatsoever to any of the schemes: no watering down, no rolling back, no listening to the public, only a change of name. In fact, our contact warns of a 'doubling-down' of the plans with 2024 seeing a huge increase in the 15 minute city agenda to bully motorists out of their cars.

The council has confirmed the words no longer feature in its Local Plan, which guides future development proposals. However, our contact within the Council has told Vision News that the plans are definitely going ahead regardless, with the wording change done for 'plausible deniability.'

Independent councillor Saj Malik had suspected this was the case saying: "I have a cynical view, they fear some backlash from residents so they've stopped using this." "When you look at the dimension of the six bus filters it is clear the city has been split."

The 15 Minute City Plan to go ahead despite name-change

Inventor of the 15 minute city is a former COLOMBIAN TERRORIST.

The latest move comes only weeks after the inventor of the 15 minute city plan came to Oxford to give a speech on his Utopian idea. Carlos Moreno neglected to tell the audience that he was once a terrorist who was readily prepared to shoot, stab and bomb innocent people in order to install that Communist Utopia as that would have put an entirely different complexion on his idea.

The 15 minute city plan has been exposed as a SCAM.

The idea that amenities are local to residents is the sales pitch of the 15 minute city. Yet, despite this, not a single new facility has been built anywhere in any of the zones. If they had then residents probably would abandon their cars. This is the glaringly obvious omission in the plan. Whilst councillors and useful Idiots shout 'conspiracy theorist' at anyone who points this out they seem less keep on showing evidence that this is anything other than a draconian war on the car. They wouldn't need to install all the gates, cameras, bollards and filters if those facilities were actually available. Residents would naturally abandon their cars as people gravitate automatically to what is better.

The scam is self evident, and the public has seen through the lies.

The Terrorist Past of 15-Minute City Inventor Carlos Moreno

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Some people on this council have been bribed substantially and need to be identified and taken out.

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