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The Terrorist Past of 15-Minute City Inventor Carlos Moreno

You wouldn't want Moreno designing your city any more than you'd want Josef Fritzl building you an extension.

Those now gushing over Carlos Moreno and his 15 minute city idea neglected to mention that the urban planner was once prepared to stab, shoot, and bomb his fellow countrymen into submission to install his Socialist utopian dream, and no, that's not a conspiracy theory, that's a FACT.

Whilst Moreno now gives the impression of a respectable academic he was once a member of Columbia's M-19, a revolutionary urban guerrilla movement active in the 70s and 80s. The group's ideology was said to be revolutionary nationalism and it carried out a series of sieges, Kidnaps, and murders in its attempts to bring about Communism in Columbia.

The group is probably most known for the Palace of Justice siege. In the attack, on 6th November 1985, some 300 lawyers, judges, and Supreme Court magistrates were taken hostage by 35 heavily armed members of M-19 who then demanded that president Belisario Betancur be tried by the magistrates for allegedly betraying the people. Government forces eventually stormed the palace and engaged in a firefight with the rebels. The building was then set on fire resulting in over 100 people dying in the siege. The M-19 lost several of its top commanders during the event, and blamed the government for the ensuing bloodshed.

Moreno was a notable member of the group between 1975 and 1979 and has never denounced his terrorist past, but doesn't have to, as the mainstream media run disinformation campaigns on his behalf. Carlton Reid, who claims to be a writer who has spent 30 years peddling the climate change myth wheeled out the straw man argument straight away, claiming Moreno's terrorist past was a right-wing conspiracy theory, before writing that Carlos Moreno joined the terrorist group as a student in 1975. “I joined a nascent urban guerrilla group, M-19,” When Colombia’s military came looking for him in 1979, Moreno “I had to go into exile."

It's that type of moronic 'journalism' that's consigning Forbes and the rest of the legacy media to the history bin. How can you obtain a confession, publish it, and still call those that got their before you 'conspiracy theorists'?

Carlos Moreno may now be a respectable academic, but any psychologist worth his salt would point out that such extreme behaviours in adolescence, the fact that Moreno was willing to kill for his ideological ends, is probably someone you don't want anywhere near public policy making. You wouldn't want Moreno designing your city any more than you'd want Josef Fritzl building you an extension. If you don't like Moreno's vision of your city, you are an object to be removed. Now not with the bullet and the bomb, nothing so crass, but with systems. Systems that can identify, target, sanction and exclude without a single shot being fired.

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