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12 Year Olds to be Given Vaccine from September Leaked Government Plans Show

Children as young as 12 will be given Covid vaccines when they return to school after summer, with even younger children given the jab shortly afterwards, according to leaked Government “core planning” documents seen by the Daily Mail.

Oxford University are yet to finish child trials, but plans already being made means this is just for show. As with Vaccine Passports, performing trials; studies and reviews of the vaccine on children is pure theatre, the government have already decided that children are going to have it.

The report also reveals Health officials are looking into jabbing children as young as five from July in what they say is a response to a third wave. The fact that Children are at virtually no risk from the virus is not mentioned in the document, continuing this bizarre intent of 'treating' children for an illness that doesn't effect them. Those that are effected have already been vaccinated making the vaccination of all children even more dubious. The 'justification' for this is claimed to be to "stop a third wave", but there is no evidence that children are effected by the virus or vectors for its spread.

This comes as the reported risk of suffering from blood clots in the brain after taking the AstraZeneca vaccine (Britain’s primary Covid vaccine) has doubled in just a fortnight, according to new data from the Medical Healthcare products and Regulatory Agency. which is likely to be approved for use in the U.K. in the coming weeks. Dr Alan Mordue, a retired public health consultant, recently wrote for Lockdown Sceptics that “the potential benefits [of vaccination] may not be justified by the potential risks” for people under the age of 50.

With the government having already decided your child is having the vaccine, expect the Oxford University study to conclude that the vaccine is 'safe and effective' for children. The fact that blood clots can occur and that a vaccine is not needed for children will be 'dialled down' as scientific reports involving Covid appear to be little more than propaganda tools these days.

Incredibly, Covid fanatics are calling for the vaccinations to be made mandatory for all children, suggesting it should be "as a condition of receiving a state education."

They went on to say: "Of course, in the end, we do not want to live in a country where gangs of officials grab unvaccinated children or adults, wrestle them to the ground and forcibly inject them. But we do want to live in a country where rights are balanced by responsibilities, and where mutual obligations need to be fulfilled."

"Incentives and penalties, taxes and fines, court orders and conditions of employment – restrictions on liberty – are commonplace in our daily lives; for the protection of the community as a whole. If we want to drive the wrong way down a motorway, then there are legal consequences for doing so."

Statistical Probability is not this fanatic's strong point.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
24 de abr. de 2021

12 year olds should NOT be given this toxin. At that age their immune systems are still developing and maturing. Parents must NOT allow those vaccines to happen to their children. It's abuse.

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