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Van-Tam Happy to Continue Playing Blood-Clot 'Russian Roulette' With Your Life

Following months of denial that the Oxford Astrazeneca may be unsafe, The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) today performed a u-turn on deployment of the vaccine stating that the under-30s in the UK will be given an alternative to the AstraZeneca jab due to mounting evidence linking it to rare blood clots.

The U-Turn comes after a review by the UK drugs regulator, who found that, by the end of March some 79 people had suffered rare blood clots after vaccination - 19 of whom had died, several of which had died AFTER the regulatory body had deemed the vaccine 'safe'.

Nearly two-thirds of the cases of rare clots were seen in women, with all the recorded cases occurred after the first dose. The people who died were all in the younger age-group, some as young as 18.

However, Johnathan Van-Tam, the UK's deputy chief medical officer, appeared to be fine with a 'few deaths' resulting from the Russian Roulette game being played by the Vaccine rollout. Stating: "you can't pick these things up until you've deployed tens of millions of doses of vaccine". confirming what we reported last year, that you are the lab-rat for unproven vaccines here. He continued: "this is just a course change... Vaccines continue to be the way out for the UK, they continue to be the way we can get our lives back to normal". Of course, that won't be the case for those that have died from the blood clots, but this appears to be the acceptable level of risk that Van-Tam and his cronies have decided for us, which is in direct contrast to the level of risk around Covid itself, where only ZERO COVID is acceptable.

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