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“You Can’t Run Society Purely to Stop the Hospitals Being Full” – Jacob Rees-Mogg


Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg has said that the Government must stop taking charge of people’s lives “purely to prevent them seeing the doctor”, just about a year too late.

It seems incredible that politicians like Rees-Mogg, at the very heart of government, are only now beginning to think what is blatantly obvious to anyone with even half a modicum of common sense. At this late stage, any politician not working to free us from this tyranny is party to it, and an enemy of the British people. It is dubious to think that Rees-Mogg suddenly changed his mind but now wants us to believe that there is some type of opposition to Lockdowns within the cabinet.

Speaking to Conservative Home, the Tory MP said:

"Ultimately the NHS is there to serve the British people, not the British people there to serve the NHS. And therefore – we may need to spend more money on hospitals – but you can’t run society purely to stop the hospitals being full otherwise you’d never let us get in our cars and drive anywhere or do any of the other things that people want to do."

"So there has to be some proportionality within that, that the Government doesn’t have the right to take charge of people’s lives purely to prevent them seeing the doctor. Actually, otherwise we’d never be allowed in our kitchens would we, where a disproportionate number of accidents in the home take place, or our bathrooms, so we’d become very hungry and very smelly on that basis."

This is what anti-lockdown protesters have been saying all along. It's exactly what they've been saying. The question is, does Jacob Rees-Mogg really believe his words, and, if so when did he first start believing them? And, if he doesn't then this is really controlled opposition against lockdowns and the emerging public health tyranny.

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